Statement of the Somerville News Weekly Regarding “Terror Threat in Somerville”

Somerville’s new superintendent of schools Mary Skipper’s response to the public regarding this story is that it is “Irresponsible journalism” on The Somerville News Weekly’s behalf about the story that we wrote saying it wasn’t true. 

Actually we have now learned that it’s allegedly the second time that this West Somerville Neighborhood School student has done this and he was allegedly using twenty dollars a week to save up for guns. 

But now that the truth has surfaced and it was very irresponsible on the Somerville School Departments behalf and the superintendent not to have backbone enough to report it nor warn parents of the existing threat the first time and again this second time. 

Whether it was a violent or a non violent situation, the parents of Somerville’s students should know.

Today after this article broke, the administration has gather their troops in a huddle and are circling their wagons around to cover their behinds due to the fact that they did not report the incident when it happened regarding the story. 


We have also recently learned today that they have allegedly placed this student of Muslim religion, who bullied other students into paying him to join his club, into evaluation and returning him into the public school system within 45 days.  

In a Somerville Public School statement released today, it clearly states that an incident in fact did occur “Based on information brought to our attention last week and immediately reported to Somerville Police, an investigation was launched that revealed no threat. Because no threat was found and the student involved is a minor no additional information can be shared at this time.”

 Whether not it was a violent or nonviolent incident, why wasn’t it reported to parents and of course they can also hide behind the fact that the pupil was a juvenile. 

We stand by our reliable sources 100% who are frustrated that the administration did absolutely nothing to warn parents and we stand by our story 100% that it is true and an incident did occur.  

In our opinion, Somerville’s new Superintendent of Schools Mary Skipper should step down immediately!

5 thoughts on “Statement of the Somerville News Weekly Regarding “Terror Threat in Somerville””

  1. Wether it was false or not… The superintendent should be acting about this… I only write this because I came from the West Somerville school and some of my old friends and teachers still remain there. I do hope it is completely false and this all stops…

  2. I think this article is excellent. Parents have a right to know. If this situation had escalated who would answer the questions being asked then? Hate starts at home. This child has had some degree of influence in bullying. And the religion does matter. Wake up and watch the news. This is happening here in America not in another country. Step up people, open your eyes and see what is really in front of you. Great job to this newspaper and I hope they continue to follow this and provide some type of education to all. Think people, think.

  3. In this age of terrorism by men & women and some children mostly of Arab/Muslim religious background. Once radicalized that person becomes a walking time bomb. Now, lets get to the child in this sad story. First, the parents should have been notified that it happened and that the child is not in that school any longer and that the police and state attorney are looking into this incident. Secondly, when it happened a second time the child should have been arrested/detained in a juvenile facility pending a court ordered evaluation to see if at this time the cute little bastard is harmful to himself or other people. Again, the school should have notified the parents of this second incident. The school authorities are treating this child as a misguided kid who needs understanding. Bullshit! Every school board member as well as the principal should be terminated for not using the tools at their fingertips.
    Are they waiting for the child to reenter the school at a future date and start killing teachers and as the news media stated “WHITE KIDS.”
    Oops, the school board doesn’t want parents to hear about a possible muslim child wanting to kill WHITE KIDS or possibly WHITE TEACHERS.
    Are these so called responsible board members that stupid? Are they willing to wait for something to happen or are they thinking nothing could ever come of this cute little boy’s words and actions.
    When his evaluation is complete I pray that this cute potential killer in a little body is never allowed to return to the school where all this unfolded and was covered up by a few dumb administrators.
    When I was a Corrections Officer in a large South Florida area we had a cute little black child get kicked out of school for threatening a teacher. The child went to his grandfathers home and stole his hand gun. The cute child went back to the classroom and confronted the teacher. The teacher ordered the child to step out of his classroom and go to the hallway. The cutest little boy ya ever did see pulled out grandpas gun and shot and killed the teacher right in the hallway and the video cameras caught every horrible second of this little killer pulling the trigger over and over until he ran out of bullets.
    Maybe the ‘Warning ‘ signs are there but Somerville, Massachusetts school board, principle and possibly the police department are blind to the Warning signs.
    PS: Better reporting on serious issues like this one should be considered. Parents trust the school authorities to teach and keep safe their children. Do your job Somerville News Weekly folks and disregard Political Correctness. That will only get you in deeper trouble than what you need.

  4. Your writing is concerning me. It is way too soon to ask the superintendant to step down. We do not have all the facts. Not nearly. This story was rushed, and does not follow standards of fair journalism, such as having at least one named source. And why mention the alleged perpertrators religion? To provoke fear ? Most disturbing, you are helping to create copy cats, who now know how easy it is to get attention if you just make a threat. I urge you to be responsible, because I want to see your paper succeed.

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