Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Suspended License Arrest

On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, while on full uniformed patrol in marked unit 876, I(Officer Eric O’Brien), along with my FTO(Officer Patrick Canty), was dispatched to the Powder House Rotary, for an operator who possibly fell asleep at the wheel. Marked units 877 and 875 also responded as back-up. While en route to the location, we were notified by dispatch that the reporting party was following the vehicle and concerned for the safety of other drivers. We made contact with the defendant’s vehicle at the corner of College Avenue and Boston Avenue.


The defendant was identified as Brandon Phillips. Mr. Phillips immediately began questioning the reason for the stop. He seemed very nervous and would not directly answer simple questions. Mr. Phillips produced his ID on request and stated he was driving his roommate’s car and could not find the registration. I took Mr. Phillip’s identification and proceeded to run a query through the CJIS system in my police cruiser. Mr. Phillips’s license came back suspended.


While I was gathering the information on Mr. Phillips, Officer Canty was speaking to him about the stop. Officer Canty informed him that another driver believed him to be sleeping at the wheel and we were just checking on his well-being. Mr. Phillips stated that he was not sleeping and that he just finished an 11 hour work day. Officer Canty asked him if he had done any drugs and Mr. Phillips stated he was on methadone but took it earlier that morning.


I asked Mr. Phillips to step out of the car and placed him under arrest for operating after a suspended license. Once outside of the car, Officer Collazo saw a razor blade on the floorboard where Mr. Phillips’s feet were. Also in plain sight was a bag of needles. Mr. Phillips stated that the needles were for the steroids he takes. No other contraband was found in the car and due to it being illegally parked, the vehicle was towed by Pat’s Towing.


Mr. Phillips was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation R6876243 for operating with a suspended license, subsequent offense, and was taken to the Somerville Police Station by the Transport Wagon Unit 200(Officer Moreira) and booked by the Commander(Lt. Jeff DiGregorio) per the usual manner.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Eric O’Brien

Badge #330



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