Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Star Market Twin City Somerville

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest. On Nov. 9, 2015, while working in full uniform as a Somerville Police Officer, operating Cruiser E-2, at @ 11:43 PM, I was dispatched to Star Market, 14 McGrath Hwy, for a report of a female shoplifter being detained in the Loss Prevention Office. Car E-3 Off Monaco was also dispatched as my back-up to this incident.


Upon my arrival and entrance into the Loss Prevention Office, I was met by Loss Prevention Officer XXXXX of Star Market. XXXXX stated that he had stopped a female just outside the Star Market entrance with 2 carriages full of Star Market property, that she did not pay for. XXXXX stated that he had been surveilling the female on their camera system due to her suspicious behavior relative to the disorganized shopping method that she was employing. Basically, she was traveling throughout the store and simply putting item after item into her carriage without any organized purpose. As she was traveling throughout the store, she was placing the items in Star Market recycle bags, not just in the carriage. This is the detail that caught his attention. At some point, XXXXX observed the female meet up with another unknown female in the Produce section of the store. The Produce section is in close proximity to an entrance/exit for Star Market. Shortly after meeting up, the other unknown female exited the store through the Produce section doors. This left the female/defendant alone with the 2 carriages.


After several minutes, the female/defendant exited the store through the Produce section entrance/exit doors. XXXXX exited the Loss Prevention Office and confronted the female just outside the doors on the sidewalk. XXXXX escorted the female back into the Loss Prevention Office and placed a call to SPD. The female/defendant was later identified as Phaedra Sheets of 109 Pine St. Cambridge, Ma. The total value of the merchandise stolen from Star Market was $675.75. An itemized list was tabulated by Star Market and is included in the report. Ms. Sheets was placed under arrest by me for the above stated crime of Larceny Over $250, transported to the Station via Wagon #200, the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, by Off. D’Amelio. While at the Station, she was booked and advised of her rights by Lt. Lavey.


Respectfully submitted,



Off. James McNally #80

Somerville Police Dept.


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