Somerville Police Department BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD


BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD is presented on November 10, 2015 for outstanding dedication and effort to: Officer Ashley Catatao

On Wednesday morning, November 4, 2015, Officer Ashley Catatao was conducting traffic enforcement on Alewife Brook Parkway (Rt. 16) when she noticed a vehicle driving 40 mph in the 30 mph zone. Officer Catatao pulled the car over, as she has done many times in the past.

It wasn’t a major speeding case, and the driver was not operating recklessly, so Officer Catatao was only planning on writing a warning this time, but when she returned to the driver’s vehicle with the citation, the woman was crying and very visibly upset.
Sensing that the driver was upset about more than just her written warning, Officer Catatao engaged her in conversation and learned that the driver was on her way to see her mother, and that the family just got news that she was going to be coming home on hospice end of life care.

Officer Catatao offered the driver some words of comfort and made sure she was OK before she went on her way. Later, the officer learned that the driver was from Winchester, and she called a local florist to have a bouquet of flowers and a kind note delivered to the driver and her family. Officer Catatao didn’t send the flowers for the recognition she subsequently received from the news media: she did it because she cared. Her actions brought praise to the department, to the mayor, and to the city, and typify what it means to go beyond the call of duty. 

David Fallon, Chief of Police


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  1. A good and caring person still makes the best police officer. Empathy is an emotion that cannot be taught.

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