Share Messages of “Thankfulness” with SCATV

Somerville Community Access Television (SCATV) invites the community into our TV studio to share their messages of “Thankfulness” this holiday season. We understand the great value and meaning of the holiday season and what better way but to share these thoughtful messages with your family, friends and neighbors. Your recording will air on SCATV Channel 3 throughout November and December and will be posted online. Each participant will receive the direct online video link to the file (DVD copies available upon request). 
There are three different types of messages you can share:
What are you thankful for? – Come share inspiring stories about thankfulness, generosity, hope and more with your community.

Share a Holiday Greeting Message- This type of message is a way for families, friends, organizations and individuals to share a “Happy Holidays” greeting. This will be a fun way to spread the holiday cheer! (ex) “Hi, we are the Johnson family, sending you warm holiday wishes this season!”

Share your favorite holiday memory – Do you have any fond holiday memories that you would like to share? This may be a good fit for the storytelling folks or anyone with an interesting story to retell.
If you are interested in participating in this project, please fill out this online form to choose a date and time that works best. The three available dates for these recordings are Monday, November 16th from 4pm-9pm, Friday November 20th from 11pm-3pm and Monday, November 30th from 4pm-9pm. To sign up for one of the three recording sessions, please visit this form online here.​ Any questions, please feel free to reach out!​
We hope you participate and look forward to working with you!


Erica Jones
director, Membership & Outreach

connect. create. communicate.



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