Model Z charging stations in Union Square, Davis Square, Assembly Row, and Ball Square will enhance citizen connectivity and promote sustainability.
The City of Somerville is excited to announce the second pilot project organized by the Somerville GreenTech program. Somerville-based WrightGrid will install five Model Z solar cell-phone charging stations throughout the city. The stations will be temporarily installed in Union Square, Davis Square, Assembly Row, and Ball Square for 60 days. The City hopes to enhance citizen connectivity and promote Somerville’s commitment to sustainability and cleantech with the success of this pilot.
Through Somerville’s GreenTech program, we are able to offer WrightGrid the opportunity to pilot their solar charging stations, test its current generation station, collect valuable and detailed usage data and gain power management experience through a dramatically changing season. Anyone is welcome to charge their mobile devices free of charge-and free of carbon emissions. If you are at a charging station location and need any assistance, please call WrightGrid’s support team at 1.800.256.7918 where a WrightGrid team member will be available 24/7 to assist you.

More Information
Somerville GreenTech Website (
WrightGrid: “WrightGrid Partners with Somerville to Install Solar-Powered Charging Stations Throughout the City”
WrightGrid’s Smart Charging Station Program Page
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