Real Life Somerville Police Stories: unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle


On Thursday, October 22, 2015, at 1057, while conducting speed enforcement on Alewife Brook Parkway with a handheld LIDAR unit, when I observed Massachusetts Registration 4HST40 heading south. I estimated the vehicle’s speed to be in excess of the posted speed limit of 30 MPH, and confirmed it with the LIDAR unit. I then stepped out into the road way and signaled for the vehicle to enter the Dilboy Pool lot, initiating a motor vehicle stop. The operator of the motor vehicle, later identified as the defendant Thiego Gava, was operating the motor vehicle at 41 MPH. Alewife Brook Parkway is a public way in the city of Somerville. Marked units West-6, Officer Rivera, and West-7, Officer Jean-Jacques, provided backup.


As I approached the motor vehicle and spoke with Mr. Gava, I asked Mr. Gava for his license and registration. As Mr. Gava handed me the vehicle’s registration, Mr. Gava admitted to me “I do not have a license.” I informed Mr. Gava that it is an arrestable offense in Massachusetts to be operating a motor vehicle without a license. Mr. Gava stated “Yes I know and I’ve been arrested before for it.” Mr. Gava also admitted that he had been arrested twice for the same offense. When I ran Mr. Gava’s BOP, I confirmed Mr. Gava’s statements that he had been arrested before for unlicensed operation, however, not twice, but three times. I then informed Mr. Gava that I would be placing him under arrest for unlicensed operation.


Marked unit 200, Officer Pavao, transported Mr. Gava to the Somerville Police Department where he was booked by the shift commander, Lt. Mulcahy. The motor vehicle was picked up by a licensed operator. Mr. Gava was also issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation R6878470 for unlicensed operation, and for operating a motor vehicle at 41 MPH in a posted 30 MPH zone.



Respectfully submitted,



Officer Ashley Catatao #299



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