Real Life Somerville Police Stories: trespassing and resisting arrest

On October 23,2015 at approx. 10:30 AM I was dispatched to 45 Marshall Street to assist the Fire Department with an alleged gas leak. Upon arrival I spoke with Somerville Fire and XXXXX who works for Inspectional Services for the City of Somerville. Also on scene were several members of the Somerville Health Department. XXXXX stated to me that they were there because of a call from the third floor for a smell of gas. City Inspectors and Fire members searched around the multi unit house until they entered the basement with the homeowner and deduced that this was where the odor was emitting from. The homeowner stated to me that one male, identified as Mr Leodan Salmeron-Molina had been using a room in the basement to sleep and that she did not want him there anymore and he was not supposed to be living there.

           I followed XXXXX and the homeowner down to the basement and observed the 2 males inside a small room approx. 8’X8′. I entered the room and was immediately overcome by the smell of urine, feces and vomit. XXXXX stated that this was not only an illegal apartment but a safety hazard to whoever was living in this room. There was no water, electricity, running water or heat available in this room. At this time I called for a Supervisor and Lt A.Rymill responded. I explained to the 2 males that not only was the homeowner requesting they leave but that it was unsafe and unsanitary to continue living in this room. Mr Molina stated he had been living in this room for about 2 months and he would not leave. Lt Rymill and I offered him every alternative available to us to get him shelter but he still refused to leave.

          After approx. 20 minutes of trying to assist Mr Molina and explaining to him the situation it was decided to place him under arrest for Trespassing. I took a hold of his arm and led him outside to the rear yard where I once again asked Mr Molina if he would let us send him to a shelter or to go stay with a friend. Once again Mr Molina refused and stated he would not leave. With no alternative left I attempted to place handcuffs on Mr Molina but he pulled his hands away and kept swinging his body back and forth to prevent me from handcuffing him. With the assistance of a Somerville Fireman he was eventually placed into cuffs. The second Hispanic male immediately left the area voluntarily. Mr Molina was transported to the station via 200 and booked by Sgt Kennelly for the above noted charges.

         The basement apartment was secured and locked by the homeowner so that she could hire a private hazmat company to come in and clean.


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Alan Monaco #234


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