Somerville High School Scholarship Foundation 25th Anniversary Gala



Photos by Kim Moss

By William Tauro 

Attendees of the Somerville High School Scholarship Foundation 25th Anniversary Gala packed the grand ballroom of the Somerville/Boston Holiday Inn this past Saturday night in Somerville. 
WBZ TV News Anchor David Wade was the master of ceremonies for the evening and Joseph Favaloro delivered the welcome and introductions. 
Former Somerville Mayor Eugene Brune, Barbara Capuano, David O’Brian, Marshall Sloane, Elaine Czesniak and Harold Cohen were the honorees of the evening and were honored at the gala for their dedication and support of students families of Somerville Public Schools. 
Congress Michael Capuano delivered his greetings from Washington, Alderman William White delivered his greetings from the City of Somerville and Adam Sweeting delivered his greetings from the Somerville School Department. 

About the Somerville High School Scholarship Foundation
The Somerville High Schoiol Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1990, and includes the Superintendent of Schools, the S.H.S. Headmaster, the Director of Guidance, some current and former S.H.S. administrators and teachers, some current and former government officials, and other graduates and citizens who care about Somerville High School. 
The Foundation’s purpose, as stated in its by-laws, is to provide financial assistance to deserving graduates of Somerville High School in their full-time pursuit of higher education without regard to race, color, creed, age or sex. We are a chapter of a national nonprofit organization, Scholarship America, which has more than 1,200 Dollars for Scholars affiliates throughout the United States.



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