Hanna Medal of Honor Award Recipient has Strong Ties to Somerville

 Photo:Lowell Officer Patrick Casey receives the George L. Hanna Award for Bravery from Governor Charlie Baker. (Antonio Caban/SHNS)

By William Tauro

Police Officer Patrick Casey of the Lowell Police Department was recently awarded the Hannah Metal of Honor Award by Massachusetts Governor Charle Baker last Tuesday at the Statehouse. 
The annual George L. Hanna Award is the state’s top medal for bravery that is presented for heroic circumstances above and beyond the call of duty. The award is named after a state trooper who was shot and killed during a 1983 routine traffic stop in Auburn Massachusetts.
According to a recent article in the Lowell Sun, “He could have ended up another tragic statistic in the dangerous world of law enforcement. But Lowell Police Officer Patrick Casey remained cool under fire in August 2014 when a man he pulled over for routine traffic stop began shooting at him.”

“Twelve police officers from six Massachusetts departments, including one from Lowell, have received bravery awards”
Patrick Casey’s ties to Somerville are rather unique. Casey’s grandfather, Francis Casey was one of the founding fathers of Somerville’s Winter Hill Yacht Club. Grandfather Francis Casey also was one one the original members who help construct the actual yacht club house building along with his son Francis Casey, patrick’s father who was also a member of the club along with Patrick’s brothers, Thomas and John. 
Patrick Casey spent many years at the yacht club with his family that’s located on Foley Street in Somerville during his childhood. Still to this day he has family members that still are members of the Somerville club.  

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