The Somerville News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week


Many Villens celebrating their birthdays in the Ville this week! Happy Birthday to Dolly Filosi, Tricia Tankevich DiDomenico, John Benevides, Debbie Noe’s dad Angelo Noe, Michelle DeFransisco, Vivian Shepard Quinlan, Bruna Braga, Tony Kalicki, Vanessa Salvucci, Nancy Gaudet-Bacci, Jay Frasier, Judith Medeiros, Jeremy Sheehan, Ellie Blute, Denice Desrochers, Leigh-Ann Scolaro, Daniel Hurley, Stephen J. Bremis, Tom Champion, Bob Trane, Miriam Quinn-daSilva, Danny Johnson, Little AVA and Jake the Snake and Happy Birthday to Jessica and Juliana!
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