Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(B&E) Arrest

Rashad HAYWOOD Arrest

On Thursday August 27, 2015, while on marked patrol in unit 871, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched along with marked units 874(Officer Goncalves) and S8 (Sgt. Ward) to 69 Bonair Street for a reported Breaking and Entering in Progress. While in route to that location, dispatch updated units with information that the landlord was following the man down Melvin Street. Marked Unit 873 (Officer Isaacs) and 872 (Officer Ramirez) also responded as back up. Sgt Ward was first on scene and able to detain the defendant, identified as Rashad Haywood. While talking with Mr. Haywood, the reporting party, XXXXX, was able to ID Mr. Haywood as the man who broke into his tenant’s house.


I went back to the scene of the crime and spoke with the victims, YYYYY and ZZZZZ. YYYYY told me that she heard knocking on the back porch, that woke her from her sleep. She was afraid and told the person to leave, and they were at the wrong house. She continued to hear noise, and thought it was possibly her husband. She went to the kitchen door to look and saw the shadow of a man that was not her husband. YYYYY said she screamed at him to leave her house, but the defendant went to the window and broke of the screen. He then pushed the window open and began to access the inside of the apartment. YYYYY stated that she physically placed her body in front of the window in an attempt to block the defendant from entering, this whole time she was screaming for him to leave, and to please stop. The defendant became aggressive, pushed YYYYY out of the way, and was able to gain entry inside of the apartment. Once inside, YYYYY began to scream for help. While this was happening, ZZZZZ woke up from her sleep and ran down to the landlord, XXXXX, for help. XXXXX and ZZZZZ came up stairs, armed with a club and confronted the defendant who was now in ZZZZZ’s room. When confronted the defendant became more aggressive and forced his way past the victims and out the front door. XXXXX tried to follow the defendant as he fled down the street.


While on scene the defendant’s brother, AAAAA, arrived and explained that the defendant was staying with him, the house directly next door to the victims. He stated that his brother was drunk and probably confused about which house he was at. AAAAA stated that the defendant got up to use the bathroom, and never came back. He said he was not sure where the defendant went.


When asked about the nights events, the defendant was very uncooperative. He would only tell us that he was staying with his brother. He was confrontational and denies being in the victim’s apartment.

After speaking with all parties involved, the defendant was placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Station by the Transport Wagon 200 (Officer Mesoudi) and booked per the usual Manner by LT. Digregorio.


Respectfully submitted,



Officer Patrick Canty 306

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