Real Life Somerville Police Stories(Malicious Defacement of Property) Arrests



On August 26, 2015, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to East 1 in uniform patrol. At approximately 11:00pm I was dispatched, along with Officer Manzelli (East 2) to the area of Auto Zone for 2 people in black hooded sweatshirts tagging the railroad bridge on Washington St. Off duty Officer Ross O’Meara witnessed the individuals using spray paint, then head toward the Auto Zone and McGrath Highway. Officer Jason Costa (East 4) and Officer Henry Diaz (East 3) also responded.


        Officer Manzelli was first on scene and detained two males fitting the description. Officer O’Meara was able to positively identify the two males as the two he saw defacing the rail road bridge. The males were identified as Guy Pasquarosa and Thad Parrish. Pasquarosa had a small black plastic bag in his possession. Inside the bag were four cans of “RUST-OLEUM” spray paint (colors gloss lime, satin magenta, flat black). Parrish had one can of “RUST-OLEUM” spray paint located in the hood of his sweatshirt (flat black).


        I request the prisoner transport wagon respond to our location, and I placed both Parrish and Pasquarosa under arrest for Malicious Wanton Destruction of Property (266/126A). Officer Pavao transported them to the station, where they were booked by Lt. Digregorio in the usual manner.



Respectfully Submitted,



Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


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