Somerville Police Department Beyond the Call of Duty Award


Officer Louis Remigio goes above and beyond the call of duty, not only while on-duty, but while off-duty as well.While on-duty for the Somerville Police last month during a major incident in Davis Square that resulted in evacuations and significant road closures and massive traffic, Louis assisted throughout the night as a true leader and someone that “gets it.” Understanding that the initial traffic pattern that was put in place needed to be adjusted to mitigate a bad situa…tion, he independently took action, and the situation immediately improved. On two other occasions during the next several days, Louis also stepped to start his shift early to take a traffic post.

On July 4th, the City was running short-handed. With only the SAPD covering major intersections, Louis came in, took a motorcycle, and supervised the key intersection as the Boston fireworks celebrants passed through Somerville.
Lt. Polito and Sgt. Gobiel reaffirmed some of the exceptional things Officer Remigio routinely does in the Traffic Unit. He rides for the department at almost every funeral and special event. He maintains the fleet of Harley Davidson motorcycles for safety and inspections. He responds to request for speed studies, traffic complaints, and high-visibility enforcement. He responds from home for serious motor vehicle accidents. He routinely assists the Narcotics Unit with measurement for drug cases in school zones and parks, and testifies at these cases. Louis does it all, and seeks no recognition. He truly goes beyond the call of duty.

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