Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Receiving Stolen Property $250 Arrest


I, Sgt. Joseph Macarelli, am the primary investigator assigned to this matter. On 06/19/2015 at 1525 hours my victim returned to his motor vehicle which was parked adjacent to number seven Corinthian Road just south of the intersection of Broadway and Corinthian Road. XXXXX immediately noticed that his motor vehicle, Ma. Reg. XXXXX, had been broken into. The interior was in disarray and numerous items stored within had been pilfered. On this same date at 1605 hours XXXXX called headquarters for police service. He stated that he had located one of the stolen items from his motor vehicle, a sterling silver bracelet that had just been sold as scrap jewelry to the L. B. C. boutique and loan store located at 235A Elm Street. Upon my arrival XXXXX had already been informed to his satisfaction that the bracelet would be remaining at this establishment until properly investigated. After being briefed by patrol officers I responded to the store and had conversation with the manager, YYYYY. He stated that the sterling silver bracelet his company had just purchased was locked securely in a safe and would be available for viewing after the weekend. 


On 06/22 I met with XXXXX at the boutique after interviewing him on the particular identifiers for this piece of jewelry. He stated that on both ends of this Figaro linked bracelet were the numbers 925 and on the opposite side of each link ‘Made in Italy’. XXXXX also stated that he could not wear the bracelet because it was too big for his wrist and he was meaning to get it resized. He related that it was previously stored in his motor vehicle in a cup holder that was covered by a center console door. When YYYYY brought the bracelet out for viewing, it was positively identified. I took possession of this bracelet and subsequently tagged it for evidence. YYYYY stated that the suspect, Shane Ryan, had entered the boutique on 06/19 at approximately 1530 hours and surrendered his MA motor vehicle license for identification as per store policy. YYYYY matched the license with the male before him. Mr. Ryan was given $10 for the chain and supplied with a purchase contract #YYYYY. A copy of the purchase and Mr. Ryan’s license was made at time of sale.


Accordingly, I am seeking an arrest warrant to issue for the charge of Receiving Stolen Property on behalf of my first victim, XXXXX. I am adding a second charge of Larceny Under $250 single scheme on behalf of my second victim in this matter, L. B. C. Boutique & Loans and its owner.


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