Letter to the Editor:We Needed Help on Our Street And It Came


I’m beyond disgusted, fed up with our Mayor’s office giving us lip service, while nothing is done. I’m NOT going away anytime soon, this is my damn city, my damn neighborhood, and I’m not going to allow it to become nothing more than the garbage pictured! Thank you for the help in circulation 

Residents of Somerville, I need you to be aware of what your neighborhood can become. This is what we as residents of Moreland St get to see as their view. This garbage is specifically at 70 Moreland St where there are still people illegally residing mind you! The owner passed away and it then became property of a bank in California. The city REFUSES to do anything more than issue tickets and citations, all of which I am sure this bank never sees. The Mayor’s office has been contacted numerous times and we’re repeatedly told their hands are tied and there is nothing that can be done. Absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful!!! We’ve had issue with rodents for years now, and with the high temperatures and humidity we’ve been facing, the sight is the least of our problems as the odor supercedes it. I have a 1 year old nephew I cannot allow outside because of this issue and it’s about time we make as big a stink as this ghastly sight has caused. Please share and alert Somerville residents what is being allowed to go on in our city!

 City of Somerville’s response: 

Well I’ll be damned…… lookie here lookie here!!! I submitted roughly 107 complaints within the last 24 hours to any site, newspaper, social media outlet available, you name it. City of Somerville responded with a promise to hustle and they ARE! Roughly half a dozen city workers currently here handling business! I came close to handing out hugs & cigars to this poor crew…. proof that the voices of fed up citizens is very powerful sometimes. I cannot thank the myriads of people who helped me get the recognition this issue deserved!!! THANK YOU! YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS! I pray your cities and neighborhoods never come to this, but if it unfortunately does, I got your back smile emoticon Will post photos of the aftermath tomorrow. 

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:We Needed Help on Our Street And It Came”

  1. As to the letter the city wrote about the comment relating to the trash at 70 Moreland street, I know the the trash did not come from the tenants cleaning out the owners property it is from the people who lived there after they died. They throw the trash out the window because they were to lazy to walk down the stairs to put it in the trash barrals. I don’t people want blaming the owners who passed away because they were good people and always tried to keep there yard clean. So if your going to lie please make sure your neighbors don’t know what really happend. I think the city needs to check out the answers they get before they blame anyone who can’t defend their selfs.

    1. Mr. Pissed off,
      It’s reassuring to hear that someone (you) *knows* exactly who caused the pile of trash. I assure you that I do not. Either one of the tenants, as far as I could tell. I work all day, every day, I do not have the time or inclination to police my neighbors. I do know that it was not there when either of the two owners were still alive. I agree with you, they were good people and did try to keep the grounds clean. The owners were friends of my family since 1972 and all the way to the end it was my sister-in-law who took care of them as far as legal issues, health care, etc. No one, that I can tell from any of the above, has said a negative word about them. This all issue has been not about who was to blame, as far as I am concerned, and as far as any of the neighbors have expressed to me, rather, it has been about taking care of a situation no one who was responsible for was doing a thing about. So…. You can stop being pissed off, I think.

  2. To everyone who has read and responded:

    I am one of the more vocal complainers to City Hall on this issue. I’ve posted this on Facebook, but I think it’s worth reposting it here.
    I hope it’s understood that the intention was not to shame *people*, there were no actual people to shame because the owners of the property passed away and the home is now owned by a bank in another state. The mountain of garbage/trash in the backyard was made by the people that used to live there, not sure which ones, the ones that left, or the ones that still lived there, on the quiet, coming and going in a house that is no longer habitable and will probably be condemned. The City workers are here and they are talking about boarding it up, though some doors and windows are already boarded up. From talking to another neighbor, it seems that the people left there (more like hiding there) think that they can stay because they have a lease until September. I don’t think they realize that once the owner passed away, the lease is null and void. Who are they paying rent to, anyway? Neither here nor there. It was not my goal, or any other neighbor’s goal, that has spoken up, to kick these people on the street. But, honestly, I personally spoke to their daughter who used to live there, and she was not interested in even attempting to cleanup the mess, or suggesting to her parents that they should. After all, if they were not paying rent, why did they not at least cleanup? But….. That these people were there was incidental, the neighborhood’s complaint was against the City, not any people, since they were tenants, not owners. Though I knew they were there, they were not supposed to be, so, other than speaking to the daughter about the situation (in a humane attempt not to have them tossed out if they were found living in a house that it’s a death trap), I, nor anyone else, to my knowledge, made any attempt to put the “shame” on them. Since the debacle seemed to have no end in sight, we all complained to the City. We demanded action from the City. I do not really care who gets a free ride or where, but I do care about the impact on my family. The City has been ticketing all of us for so much as a barrel left uncovered on our own property, in an attempt to control the rat population, this situation next door needed to be resolved. It’s now resolved.

  3. Week after week these “good people” never took ONE single barrel of that filth out to the curb on trash day. I have time stamped photos of every Wednesday and Thursday as evidence for the city. We’re supposed to HELP people that are too lazy to even help themselves? People who find it acceptable to allow small children to play amongst the filth posted as they bbq? You people alright in the head? Noone is surprised that the “friends” of these folks are defending them, they’re being told the boohoo sob story and playing the victim as always. Sadly those of us who were quite close to the owners for over 20 years know better, and we know what these “good people” did. Help them you say? I held back from naming names, posting photos that would blast them out of the water, I did. But it would be wise to not push it, my evidence that was given to the city would shame them to no end…. I will only hold my tongue for so long folks, your call….We are very PROUD as residents of this street that a mere single photo going viral online finally got someone to do something. The only people that should be ashamed of themselves know who they are and we refrained from publicly naming them and posting the dozens of photos collected as evidence depicting their negligence. Spare us your insipid and blind faith commentary based on baloney……

    1. Pretty sad that you people have no life and have to wrap yourselves around an issue that you have no business to be in in the first place. Maybe you should step outside the box(the very tiny one one live in) get your own life and leave people alone.There is an old saying “don’t worry about me,worry about yourself” you need to get a life before karma kicks you in the butt!

      1. Quote from Edmund Burke: ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
        *Evil* can be a different thing at different times. Chew on that, my dear.

  4. state sanitary code is supreme – hoarders, rodents, not habitable make for unsafe conditions. I comment the Mayor for the actions he took to clean up the mess. The tenants violated the terms of the lease by letting the property deteriorate. YEAH – MR. MAYOR. Now all the cops Bureau of Alcohol and tobacco about the crack house before it blows up, the fumes kill you or more druggies come to the hood.
    Glad they put a lien on the property – the city will get the money back.

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