Real Life Somerville Police Stories:B&E of a Motor Vehicle



The following is a summary of facts related to incident #15026615.

On the listed date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, was assigned to Patrol Area East-1 and operating marked cruiser 871 in full uniform.
While conducting routine patrol of my assigned area, I turned onto Mt. Pleasant St. heading toward Perkins St. when I observed a white male, later identified as Keith Francey , opening the driver side door of a blue Acura TSX (MA reg#684VT2) that was parked in front of 29-31 Mt. Pleasant St. Francey looked up at my vehicle, hesitated, then entered the vehicle and shut the door.

I observed these movements to be suspicious and queried the vehicle registration as I continued to approach the vehicle. As I pulled up next to the vehicle, I made eye contact with Francey and the male in the passenger seat, later identified as Matthew Marujo, Both of whom I am familiar with from past incidents.

At this time, both Francey and Marujo quickly exited the vehicle and began running down Mt. Pleasant St. turning left onto Broadway. I activated the emergency lights on my cruiser and proceeded after them driving in reverse on Mt. Pleasant St., while notifying Somerville Dispatch of my location and the circumstances of the incident. I continued to give chase in my vehicle as they ran down Broadway and turned left onto Mt. Vernon St. I pulled up next to Francey and Marujo and yelled to Francey “Keith stop running and get on the ground”. He disregarded my command and both he and Marujo turned around and ran back onto Broadway.

Officer Goncalves (East-4) arrived on scene and she and I began a foot pursuit as Marujo and Francey went in separate directions. Francey quickly entered 18B Broadway, his residence, and Marujo ran onto A. Alfred Lombardi St. I pursued Marujo yelling at him to stop running and get on the ground, but he continued to run. I was able to catch up to him and get him on the ground. I told Marujo he was under arrest. He refused to comply with my commands for him to place his hands behind his back by keeping his arms tucked underneath him. I had to physically pull his arms out from underneath him and place him in handcuffs.

Sgt. Ward (S-8) arrived on scene along with Officer Ramirez (East-2) and Officer Beckford (East-3). Units attempted to gain access to Francey’s residence to no avail. I will be seeking a warrant for Francey’s arrest for Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime for a Felony M.G.L. c255 s16D.

Marujo was transported to the Somerville Police Station via the mobile detention unit (Unit-200) and booked according to department policy by Sgt. Ward for charges of B&E of a motor vehicle in the nighttime for a felony (C266 s16D) and Resisting Arrest (c268 s32B).

I later spoke to the registered owner of the vehicle, stated he parked his vehicle on Mt. Pleasant St. at about 7:00 AM on 6/8/15 and took the train to work. stated he locked his doors before leaving his vehicle. stated he did not give anyone permission to enter his vehicle. said he examined his vehicle and did not notice any of his property missing at the time this report was completed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Officer Mark Pulli #311

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