Reality Bites by James A. Norton

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing there looking like a moron.

Back six months ago, my wife Lynda and I packed up our SUV loaded with things for the newly born Naomi (our grandchild) and drove from Boston to middle-of-nowhere rural Illinois. I believe I wrote about it in these very pages – a super long drive but worth every minute of it. On our way back, Lynda and I saw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and stayed in easily the most romantic room at Niagara Falls. It was super fun.

This past week, we went out to visit my kids and little Naomi, although this time we flew. So much quicker, cheaper and just simpler. Two hours out, a nice rental car and a 150 mile drive. Beyond seeing Naomi, I got to spend my birthday with my two kids – for the first time – I was divorced from their mom when my daughter was barely 1 year old.

The significance was not lost on my kids – they knew very well that the three of us hadn’t spent a birthday of mine together, ever. In honor of that, they both rearranged their schedules to spend not just that day, but the entire time Lynda and I were there. It was really special and I loved every minute of those three days.

So here we are, in the middle of nowhere and decided to take Naomi to see the Easter Bunny at the closest mall – 22 miles away. We spent the day laughing, grabbing a bite to eat and wondering if she would lose her mind (or her lunch) when she saw the furry friend. Happily she didn’t cry once and took the pictures like a champ.

My daughter is pregnant again so I will be a grandfather twice in about 6-7 months and I am quite alright with that. I might be a little more worried if she didn’t live so close to her mothers side of the family and if her husband wasn’t working – but there’s nothing to worry about. They have it all under control and all I have to do is check in every day to see how they’re doing and plan the next trip.

All in all, a wonderful weekend away with my wife to see my kids and our granddaughter – and on my birthday. Speaking of that, I have to had it to my wife – it was all her idea and she put it all together. She is an amazing woman and I am so grateful to be the one she wants to grow old with. As Mel Brooks once said: ”…it’s good to be the King…” #GMK

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