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Making a difference in the lives of amputees

Dear Friends & Supporters,
On Monday April 20th we will endure 26.2 miles of tradition as I endeavor to run my first marathon – the 2015 Boston Marathon! I will run as a proud member of team A LEG FOREVER with a goal of raising funds and awareness for amputees whom have lost limb(s) through tragic circumstances.
2015 fundraising goal …….. $25,000!
On Friday April 10th, team A LEG FOREVER will host a “Focused on the Finish!” fundraiser at Mix 360 Nightclub in Malden, MA. The team is actively seeking monetary donations and/or silent auction items for this event featuring a DJ, live entertainment, dancing, food, cash bar and raffles. Donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.
The Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013 changed the lives of countless individuals including 269 innocent spectators injured by the blasts – three lost their lives and sixteen lost limbs.
“A LEG FOREVER” is an all-volunteer non-profit 501c3 charitable foundation (the “Foundation”) established by Liz Norden in honor of her sons JP and Paul, both Boston Marathon survivors, who each lost their right leg in the blasts and were granted a second chance at life. The Foundation’s mission is to financially and emotionally support, educate and assist other amputees during their critical time(s) of need.
Public donations and the ONEFUND enabled JP and Paul to afford the best prosthetic limbs available today – but this is the exception! The anxiety and stress of losing a limb is overwhelming enough but the financial burden is equally challenging. Sadly, many amputees forego the chance to have a life-changing prosthetic, in part, because:
 Insurance companies deem prosthetic limbs as a ‘luxury’ not a necessity. Covered costs are limited!
 Amputees require replacement limbs every 3-5 years throughout their lifetime in addition to recurring modifications/maintenance for weight fluctuations or socket damage to ankles, knees, etc.
 Amputees require various limbs to maintain and continue an active ‘normal’ lifestyle including waterproof limbs just to take a daily shower. Prosthetics for running, golfing, rock climbing (even a leg that allows a female to wear high heel shoes) is available too – at a substantial cost!
 Prosthetic limbs can range from $25,000 to $140,000-plus depending on make, model and composition. Costs to “above the knee” amputee can be significantly higher due to additional knee joints and parts.
A LEG FOREVER helped fund a new high-end prosthetic leg for 12 year-old Tommy Cox of North Andover. The Norden brothers met Tommy at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where he was recovering after losing his leg in a boating accident on Labor Day 2013.
“He’s a big part of our recovery,” JP Norden said. “When Paul and I met him we spoke about everything we went through with our amputations. Openly speaking about it helped us and it helped Tommy. It was therapeutic for all of us.”
The Foundation is focused on critical fundraising efforts throughout the year and relies extensively on individual events to fund its initiatives. Donations to support A LEG FOREVER can be made by check or online.
 Check: please make your tax deductible donation payable to “A LEG FOREVER”, and mail to the address provided below – 100% of your donation will fund our cause; or
 Online: please visit our donation link on Crowdrise.com/alegforever2015bostonmarathon.
Follow us on Facebook: Norden Brothers Boston Marathon Survivors and/or A Leg Forever Charitable Foundation
Thank you for your consideration and support of this most worthy cause.

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