Letter to the Editor: Deanna Cremin’s Mom Regarding Her Daughter’s 20 Year Unsolved Brutal Murder


Dear Somerville News Weekly Editor,

I cannot even believe it myself. I am living a parent’s worse nightmare. Every day of my life for twenty years.

I spoke with Marian Ryan, the DA of Middlesex County. She said her statement was taken out of context. On that note, I think she should explain the rest.

Over these years I have always feared I would alienate myself from the law enforcement officials. Lately I am questioning alienating myself from what. I believe they have done their job. I believe quite frankly more help and new eyes just may be a path worth looking into.

There are friends, families and the general public here who want to see a conviction. There are the same people who wonder why the main person of interest does not step forward in front of us all to exonerate himself if in fact he can.

Initially the three persons of interest were looked at closely. Lawyers protect those men and their constitutional rights. Where are the rights to let a young girl whose life will never be fulfilled. The rights of her family to get some rest on this case. A sense of resolution if you must.

Twenty long and havoc wreaking years of pursuing justice for my daughter Deanna Cremin. I wonder will it end in my lifetime.

Kathy Cremin

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