Breaking News: Brown School Roof Collapse Somerville



Photos by Frank Santangelo

By William Tauro

On Tuesday evening at around 11:00pm, a partial section of roof at the Benjamin G. Brown K-6 School that’s located on 201 Willow Avenue in Somerville collapsed from the weight of the snow that was on its roof.

The section of the roof right above the girls bathroom caved in crashing to the floor. Power and all other utilities were shut of after the collapse.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Superintendent of Schools Tony Pierantozzi were on scene with police and fire personnel and declared that the Brown School will remain closed effective immediately until repairs are made.

No injuries were reported!





9 thoughts on “Breaking News: Brown School Roof Collapse Somerville”

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  2. This piece of crap building should be torn down. Teachers and students are forced to attend school in May and June when the temperatures reach 98 degrees in the classrooms. How pathetic

      1. Oh, now I see. Because you went there it’s a fine school even though the roof collapsed and the students and teachers are subjected to inhumane conditions. Thanks for clarifying.

        1. Hey the education was some oft best in all somerville, and the building just made it all the best. Besides, it’ could have been any school building….

  3. It is simple inexcusable that this happened. Somerville was the only city in the ENTIRE STATE to have cancelled school for an additional week in order to “remove snow and check the roofs”, yet this is the first and only school roof collapse that I have heard of. Pathetic. I have now heard that “snow was cleared to acceptable levels”, which to me sounds like a bunch of BS. If this is the case, show us the letter stating that the Brown School roof was cleared to “acceptable levels”. My feeling is that because it was a “small section” it was simply forgotten and never checked. Don’t make excuses. Just admit your mistakes!

  4. No drones were needed for anyone with half an ounce of common sense (and care) to look out side the multiple windows and door facing this first story flat roof. Many people had to have looked at it during the course of the past month, and couldn’t be bothered to shovel it.
    I would like to know who is responsible for not doing something about this sooner. That person is VERY lucky that there were not children in the building when this happens.

  5. looks to me,like someone hired shoddy contractors, or else,why didn’t the drones notice anything ? Especially after most of the snow is gone of the roofs

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