Somerville Lady Highlanders Victorious Over Malden


Congratulations to the Lady Highlander’s girls team with their first win of the season. It was a double win , as the team also won with welcoming back Junior Captain Brooke Metivier Who played in her first game tonight after recovering from recent surgery.

Playing Malden in Malden, although it was a low scoring game, the team brought home their first win of the season.
Score 35-31



In order players name and i’m going to put with your senior junior sophomore.
First Pic
Jr.Fwd. C. #24 Brooke Metivier
2nd pic
Sr. Fwd. C. #15 Alyssa Hachey
Jr. Fwd. #12 Tamika Michel
Fr. G. #5 Melina Pimentel
Jr. Fwd. #24 Brooke Metivier
4th Pic
Jr. #24 Brooke Metivier
Sr. G. #10 Haley Rao

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