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New Citywide Zoning News and Meetings

New Citywide Zoning Ordinance

Mayor Curtatone has just proposed a comprehensive citywide zoning overhaul. It will change the look and feel of many neighborhoods for decades to come. Property owner or renter, the zoning changes will effect us all. The Board of Alderman will vote on these changes soon, I am going to consider these changes carefully and I want your feedback.

Click here to read about the proposed zoning overhaul and post your opinions on the Mayor’s proposal here.

As your Alderman, I want to make sure that your questions are answered, concerns are recognized, and that you have a voice in this process.

There are a few very important meetings coming up that you should try to attend.

Information Session – Tuesday, January 20, 6:30 p.m. – Somerville Armory

There will be a presentation, discussion with city staff, and a great opportunity to go over the details of the ordinance.

Public Hearing – Tuesday, February 10, 6:00 p.m. – Aldermanic Chambers, City Hall

All public feedback will be considered and will help revise the ordinance before we vote.

There will be more opportunities to participate and I am scheduling a smaller Ward meeting to foster a more detailed understanding of the zoning changes and to help me better understand your concerns and ideas.

I’ll keep you posted, much more on this to come.

Also, if flooding or green space is important to you, consider this meeting tomorrow evening.

Legislative Committee takes on Somerville Flooding

Thursday, January 15, 6:00 p.m. – City Hall Committee Room

Attend the discussion on how to strengthen two ordinances that regulate permeable surfaces in the Somerville. The public is invited and I will represent the concerns of the folks in Ward 2 and those who suffer from flooding in Somerville.

I submitted these ordinances for reconsideration as a result of the overwhelming asphalt paving and disappearing green space that are contributing to the flooding in our neighborhoods. One of my goals is to change our current ordinances to require more pervious surface when driveways or other types of paving are requested.

I hope to see you at these meetings and look forward to more news and updates in 2015.

Be sure to get engaged on my website and follow me on Twitter for up to date news on all the issues and events in Ward 2.

Until soon,
Maryann Heuston

Maryann Heuston Ward 2 Somerville · United States
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