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Somerville Top Inspector Violates Property Owner Rights

Inspection fever has hit the county, Massachusetts, and now Somerville, Several Somerville owners, victims, of unannounced inspections by the city’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD) of anything and everything in their properties are fighting back after the city took them to court.

None the less the superintendent of Somerville’s ISD, not just an ordinary housing inspector, is personally doing inspections. Without notice and without a search warrant, he knocks on doors, flashes a badge, and asserts he must inspect. The tenants, taken by surprise and unaware of their rights, let him in. And the search proceeds as the superintendent attempts to discover any violation of the laws.

The landlord in each case should have been called. It is his or her property, and he or she will get any violation report, not the tenants.

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  1. Much better is to use your phone, record his request to enter, take a picture, lock the door and call the cops, and then call your lawyer to sue the inspector and the city that supports his intrusion.

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