Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Joseph Arrest age 19 and Jackson arrest age 18

On December 13, 2014 at approx. 7:30 PM I was dispatched, along with Officer Capasso, to Target at 180 Somerville Ave for a reported shoplifting. Upon arrival I was met by Loss Prevention
Officer. He stated he had 2 female parties detained for shoplifting charges and we entered the loss prevention office where 2 females were sitting. The 2 female parties detained were identified as Ashley Joseph and Xhane Jackson. Loss prevention stated he watched them on video placing items into bags and then stopped then when they exited the store passing all registers and failing to pay for anything.
Loss Prevention provided me with itemized receipts for both parties. Property in Jackson’s possession was valued at $317.56 and for Joseph it was valued at $429.71. At this time both parties were arrested. I asked either if they had identification as it would be needed and Xhane Jackson asked if Officer Capasso could go to her car and inside the 2 bags were ID and Debit card and handed Officer Capasso the vehicle key and pointed out where it was located in the lot. While retrieving her ID inside the 2 black bags inside vehicle were numerous item with tags still attached from Marshall Department Store. ID, Debit card and bags were brought to station by me and ID, debit card given to Xhane at booking. Both parties were transported to the station via 200.
After booking and on video and audio recording in booking room I read Xhane her Miranda Warnings, which she stated she understood and wished to speak with me, I then asked if she gave permission for Officers to retrieve the 2 bags in her car and she answered ” Yeah I guess so”. I then presented her with the 2 bags which she identified as being hers and I showed her numerous items with tags from Marshall Department Store. I asked if she could provide receipts for the merchandise and she stated yes. I then told her I would place property into evidence lock-up for safekeeping and when she brought receipts in I would give it back but if she could not show proof of purchase I would file a Criminal Complaint for Receiving Stolen Property.

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