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Woods arrest age 54

On Sunday, December 14, 2014, I was on duty and assigned to the Assembly Row area as A-2. At approximately 5:46PM, Officer Capasso, Officer Cicerone and I were dispatched to the Kmart store located at 77 Middlesex
Avenue on a reported shoplifting. When we arrived on scene, Mr. Richard Woods was being detained in the loss prevention office.

I asked loss prevention to explain what had happened in detail. He stated that Mr. Woods had entered the store and selected three sets of 800 thread count sheets from the shelf. These sheets were valued at $39.99 each. He said that Mr. Woods appeared suspicious so he stood by the door to prevent him from leaving without paying. The other loss prevention personnel said that she monitored Mr. Woods on the store’s surveillance system, and saw him take the three packages of sheets to the customer service desk. She then said that she saw Mr. Woods return the items (that were never purchased) for store credit. At the end of his transaction, loss prevention confronted Mr. Woods and escorted him to the loss prevention office. I turned my attention to Mr. Woods. I asked him why he had taken the items and returned them. He said that it was because he was “broke”. and

After listening to all of the involved parties statements, I placed Mr. Woods under arrest for one count of Shoplifting by Asportation (MGL: c266 s30A). He was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters in marked unit-200. Loss prevention provided me with a receipt detailing the stolen items and will be providing me with a DVD copy of Mr. Woods’s actions inside of the store. I will be submitting the receipt into evidence and will also submit the DVD at a later date.

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