Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Grasso arrest age 29

On Saturday, December 13, 2014 I Officer Samir Messaoudi was assigned to marked unit East-2. At approximately 7:30 P.M., I was dispatched to Dante Club located at 3 Dante Terrace, Somerville for an assault. The following
units also responded; Officer Capasso (East-4) Officer Cicerone (West-5), Officer McCarey (West-6), and Sergeant Isidoro (S-8).

Upon arrival I spoke with the victim who informed me that he came in to Dante Club for a holiday party. He stated that he was having a conversation with Mr. Grasso and other co-workers. He and Mr. Grasso engaged in a verbal argument and Grasso asked him to go out to the parking lot stating “let’s go out to the parking lot and take care of this”. The victim ignored Grasso and walked away; Grasso grabbed a beer bottle and threw it at him striking him in the head.

Grasso stated he was having an argument with the victim and threw a beer bottle at him. I interviewed a witness who was seated at the same table. The witness stated that he saw Grasso throw a bottle at the victim however; he did not know what the argument was about.

The victim suffered a minor cut above his left eye. He was treated at the scene by EMTs and refused to be transported. I placed Grasso under arrest for A&B with Dangerous Weapon c265 S15A. He was transported to Somerville Police headquarters.

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