Bicyclist Hit By Motor Vehicle in Somerville

By William Tauro

A Somerville bicyclist was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Holland street this past Sunday.

The vehicle allegedly hit the female bicyclist sending her into a tree then later falling back onto vehicle.

The driver fled the scene leaving his DNA blood on the windshield and front seat of the vehicle.

In the photo above you can notice the bicycle is lodged into and in between the hood and windshield of the motor vehicle.

The driver is believed to be a male that lives in Burlington.

This story is still developing at time of publishing!

2 thoughts on “Bicyclist Hit By Motor Vehicle in Somerville”

  1. I don’t just belive but know that those who ride bikes and we’re seeing them every where and in all forms meaning ; ones with baby seats on handle bars, baby seats in the back, baby seats that are attached to the front and or the back (sometimes both), some that have large racks on both sides and are usually full (so they scratch your vehicle while trying to squeeze through if not taking your mirrors off or both) large bozo bikes, small to ground like go carts etc. Most don’t follow the rules of the road but chose to ride their bikes at high speeds and when an accident happens, who gets the brunt of it? Yep, us folks that pay to have plates, a registered and insured vehicles. I have seen cyclists cut people off, an again not follow the rules of the road, go after vehicles “to give them a piece of their mind”, all while banging on the person’s vehicle. They have NO ACCOUNTABILITY! They should have to register and have insurance as well as have plates so us folks who drive have some recourse and they then can be held accountable when need be. Either way something needs to be done.

    1. As someone who lives in the apartment that this man crashed his car and the young woman into and was the first person to arrive at the scene, I have to say that this is the most downright disrespectful and ignorant post I’ve ever seen in my life. The man driving this vehicle was wasted. He crossed over a double yellow line and onto a sidewalk and hit this woman riding her bicycle on the correct side of the road. She did NOTHING wrong.

      When I ran outside and saw a minivan lodged into my home and aan stumbling to the ground, I asked him if everyone was OK. Know what his response was? “Oh yeah I’m fine. But uh, there’s a girl over there,” as if talking about a knocked down trash bin. When I ran around the car, I saw a woman mangled under a fence pole, her body broken in every direction, and barely breathing. I asked the driver for help getting the pole off of her and for his sweatshirt to contain her bleeding. He stumbled, fell to the ground, looked at me, looked at the young woman clinging to life, turned, and ran away.

      For the record, they still haven’t found him. He abandoned a nearly dying girl, his wife and kids, and his responsibility… for what? His pride? So he could avoid jail for a few more days? That young woman is still in the hospital and he is still on the run, and you have the audacity to come on here and preach about bicyclist not following the rules. Fuck you.

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