Somerville High School Students Protesting With Hands Up


Top photo by Frank Santangelo

By William Tauro

This past Thursday afternoon, Somerville High School students were out on the front lawn of the concourse protesting and exercising their rights.

According to one source “One student asked if he could make a public announcement. He then got the public address system and asked 1200 students to come outside and protest with their hands up chanting!”

But according to Max Freitas, a senior from Somerville High School.

He states “I just read the short article on the protest that happened today and it’s not quite right”

“The protest idea came from Senior Faith Blass who posted on the “Class Of 2015″ senior page on Facebook late Thursday night. She called on all other seniors to rally with a walk-out during school time. ”

“The protest was resisted by some senior class advisors who are also on the Facebook page. It was at first seen as a disrespectful and irrational act by some, but a great idea by others. ”

“Headmaster Mr. John Oteri was notified of the protest and he couldn’t really stop anything from happening.”

“No announcement was made on the intercom to initiate the walk-out and it was not sponsored by the administrators. Students simply planned by word-of-mouth to get up. In the cafeteria, students were seen simply getting up at 12:30 and leaving. It was somewhat disruptive and teachers were slightly angered that students were simply getting up in the middle of class and leaving.”

“Many students gave up on the idea and remained in their classes. ”

“At the end of the school day, Mr. Oteri allowed junior Joshua Ojo to use the intercom to call the entire student body to a peaceful protest outside the atrium/field house.”

Attached bottom photo is a picture of this school-sponsored peaceful protest.

“The 12:30 protest was a total student-based decision. “

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