is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of October 2014 to: Officer Robert Ankenbauer

Officer Robert Ankenbauer has been an outstanding employee of the Somerville Police Department for the last 28 years.
In the early years of his career with the department, Officer Ankenbauer was assigned to the Community Policing Unit, where he provided a police presence in Somerville schools and also in the community. Currently, Officer Ankenbauer holds the position of IT Officer. Although assigned to a Monday through Friday day schedule, he often works nights, weekends, holidays and vacations to ensure that the department does not skip a beat. Aside from general IT support, Officer Ankenbauer assists with the purchasing of new IT equipment, helps to run the Emergency Operations Center during special events and serves as a liaison to other law enforcement agencies and departments. Officer Ankenbauer goes above and beyond the call of duty in all that he does and his efforts merit this recognition.
David Fallon, Chief of Police

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