Young Family Wins a 2014 Preservation Award for 13 Campbell Park


On the periphery of Davis Square between Mass. Avenue and the Community Path, one finds a closely settled, lovely neighborhood with a mix of single- and multi-family homes, many of which are part of the Campbell Park-Meacham Road Local Historic District (LHD). It’s one of those Somerville “pocket” neighborhoods you might not know about unless visiting someone there.

Daniel Hullah and Donna Clark are the resident owners of 13 Campbell Park. The street was named after Henry Campbell of Belmont, a real estate investor who purchased all of the lots on this street for development in the late 1800’s. Their Queen Anne house was built in 1891, and in 1989, was designated a part of the new multi-building LHD. The house is named after the original owner, John Hillman, a silverplater from Cambridge. This year, Daniel and Donna received a Preservation Award from the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission for their restoration work on the exterior. They purchased the house in 2006 when they were expecting twins and knew their 2-bedroom condo could not accommodate their expanding family.

The exterior of the home needed immediate attention, so right after moving in, Dan and Donna, began planning both restoration and painting projects. During work to replace damaged clapboard and shingles, they were excited to find decorative shingling underneath, so with the help of a 1946 photo, they worked with the Preservation Commission to decide how best to restore these architectural features. Now just below the roofline one can see rows of shingles in three distinct shapes — scallop shell, octagonal, and saw tooth, which they painted in different colors to highlight the details. Then, in order to maintain the original character of the house, they decided NOT to buy new windows, but instead removed, repaired, and where possible restored all of the original sash windows.

The front porch was also in bad shape, so the couple ended up replacing it, but kept the carpenter’s original lace trim. They had the house painted dark red with light olive green trim. Dan and Donna love the neighborhood, where everyone on the street knows each other. They also were delighted to discover after moving in, how many twins were living in the neighborhood, among both new and old families. What could be a nicer connection between neighbors?

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