Real Life Somerville Police Stories/ Alleged Shoplifter at Assembly Row


Kiely arrest age 33

On 10/24/14 at approximately 16:45 while in uniform and assigned to a walking route at Assembly Row, I was dispatched to Saks Fifth Avenue for a report of a shoplifter. Officer Ubeda, assigned to marked unit E1, was sent as my back up.

Upon arrival, I was led to the asset protection office where the suspect was being detained. The Asset Prevention Specialist, reported that a store associate observed a male acting suspiciously in the sunglasses area. He directed the surveillance cameras to monitor the suspect’s movements throughout the store. The suspect was identified as Mr. Sean Patrick Kiley. Store surveillance shows Mr. Kiley moved from the sunglasses area to the denim table where he took three pairs of jeans before going to the shoe department where he also took a pair of black Puma sport shoes. After selecting those items, Mr. Kiley was observed going into the fitting room.

Shortly after, he came out of the fitting room and walked past six cash registers (located in very close proximity to the male fitting room) with the merchandise in his hands and successfully made his way out of the store without paying. Mr. Kiley was apprehended outside of the store at the Grand Union Blvd exit door. He was brought back into the office where he was identified and searched. The manager recovered the pants from the suspect’s hands and the Puma sport shoes tucked into the suspect’s waistline. I would like to note that Mr. Kiley had an active default warrant. Mr. Kiley has several open cases including a shoplifting offense. A receipt for the items taken by Mr. Kiley totaling $408.88.

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