Real Life Somerville Police Stories


James arrest age 25 and Pierre age 31

On October 25, 2014 at approximately 02:10 hours, while on uniform patrol assigned to Marked cruiser East One along with Officer Kim assigned to marked cruiser East four we were both was dispatched to Great River RD on the third floor apartment for a report of a large group fighting in inside.

Upon my arrival I was flagged down at Great River Rd and greeted by two security guards, we went into the building attempting to locate the fight on the third floor and looking for apartment. We came across a couple of females that were around the corner of apartment in the stairs way that leads to the parking lot. They had scratches on her bodies and some of their clothes were torn. They both stated that one female party was assaulted and that they both tried to break up the fight.

Initially both females refused to give any information and kept insisting that they had nothing to do with what had happened. After asking several times eventually I was able to identify both female parties. The first female party identified herself as Claire Pierre Mrs. Pierre stated that she was not involved and that she tried to break up the fight. She appeared to be bleeding from her finger nail and had several scratches on her neck and arms.

The second female party identified herself as Nikia James. Mrs James stated that her cousin was being assaulted by four unknown females, when she and her friend saw that they jumped in and attempted to stop the fight. Mrs. James had some scratches around her arms and chest. She had some hair on her hands. When I asked both parties how the perpetrators looked they could not give me a description. All they said was ” they look like us ”

Meanwhile Officer Pulli had stopped a couple of motor vehicles, allegedly some of the people in them were involved. While I spoke to the people inside the vehicle Officer Pulli and Officer Goncalves found a female party who was lying on the ground and appeared to be severely beaten. Officer Pulli requested EMS and Cataldo was dispatched to our location. Due to the severity of her injuries I was not able to get any information from this female who is the victim in this matter.

A witness added that more females ran out of the apartment and rushed to the scene and started to kick and punch the victim. Soon after the elevator door opened up and a female security guard was in the elevator, the witness asked her to help her friend. An unknown male party helped drag the vicitm into the elevator to take her to safety. and he left soon after that.

The security guard stated she was doing her security rounds around the building. She heard about the commotion and decided to take the elevator to the first floor to meet up with the rest of the security guards, when the elevator stopped on the third floor. She witness a large mob beating on a female who was on the ground, then she observed a male party dragging the body into the elevator. Security guard ended up on the first floor with the vicitm and requested medical assistance for the female party. Even though a large party of people were involved in this matter the only two people that were identified were Mrs Clairedine Pierre and Mrs. Nikia James.

After speaking with most of the parties involved Mrs Claire Pierre and Mrs Nikia James were determined to be the primary aggressors of this matter causing a female party to be transported to MGH via Cataldo. Mrs Clairedine was transported to Somerville Hospital for right Knee and shoulder pain. Upon her release from the hospital she was pick up by officer pulli for ABDW shod foot. Mrs Nikia James was arrested on scene and charged with ABDW shod foot, she was transported to the Somerville Police department via 200 to be booked by SGT Campbell..

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