Somerville Police Department BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD

BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of September 2014 to Capt. Charles Femino

For the last 30 years, Captain Charles Femino has been a dedicated employee of the Somerville Police Department. In his time with the department, Capt.
Femino has held a variety of positions, including Captain of Detectives, Deputy Chief of Police and most recently Interim Chief of Police. Over the last ten months, Capt. Femino showed his leadership skills as he managed the department during a nationwide search for a permanent Police Chief. Upon taking over as Chief, Capt. Femino was tasked with preparing the department for the upcoming fiscal year and was instrumental in the preparation of the police operating budget. Capt. Femino’s term as Chief also saw the hiring of four new police officers, the purchase of a Transit Connect van and the implementation of a gun buyback program aimed at removing unregistered weapons from the streets of Somerville. Capt. Femino has gone above and beyond the call of duty numerous times and his actions merit this recognition.
David Fallon, Chief of Police

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