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Morelli Arrest

On September 4th, 2014 at approximately 7:31 a.m., I, Officer Goncalves, while in uniformed patrol and assigned to area East 2, was dispatched to Loring st at Osgood st.
for a couple arguing on the street, Officer Stanford, E3, was my backup. Upon our arrival we identified the two parties as Krystal Morelli and Anthony Bottari.

Myself and Officer Stanford realized that this was the same couple in which we had assisted earlier that morning. The initial call was for a female attempting to harm herself at Kent st. Upon our arrival to this call it was determined that her and her boyfriend were having a verbal disagreement and he believed she was going to harm herself. There was no sign of Ms. Morelli trying to harm herself (no weapon, and no cuts). Her boyfriend, left the apartment and Ms. Morelli also decided to leave the apartment complex and stay with her aunt. Approximately forty-five minutes later myself and Officer Stanford received the call at Loring st.

Immediately upon our arrival, Ms. Morelli was screaming in the middle of the street and stating “she had every right to be there, she was on a public street.” Officer Stanford attempted to calm her down and told her several times to lower her voice.

As I spoke to her boyfriend, he stated to me that she had followed him to his parents home located at Laurel st and that he witnessed her near his vehicle and was worried that she was going to do something to his vehicle because she had made several threats before to do so. As I continued to speak to him, I could see and hear Ms. Morelli become more and more paginated. She continued screaming and at this point several concerned neighbors had come outside to see what was going on.

I approached Ms. Morelli and explained to her that her boyfriend would be seeking a restraining order against her and it was probably best for her to leave him alone. Ms. Morelli continued screaming stating that she was going to go back to their apartment at Kent St and destroy all of his property. She then began walking down Loring st. towards Somerville Ave. I walked after her to explain to her that she was not to touch any of his property she then stated that I needed to stop following her and that if I touched her she would “punch me in the face.” At this point myself and Officer Stanford were concerned for our safety and attempted to place Ms. Morelli in handcuffs, she struggled and the three of us landed on the ground. At this point Ms. Morelli screamed even louder than before and three more neighbors came out of their homes and on to their porches. We finally got Ms. Morelli in the handcuffs and placed her under arrest for disorderly conduct.

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