We’d like to help you avoid getting a parking ticket in Somerville


Moving In: To make moving easier, you can reserve parking spaces for your moving truck or container. Learn more about what is required to reserve spots and get a copy of the application at parksomerville.com.

30-Day New Resident Parking Permits: To get a resident parking permit your car has to be registered in Somerville, but we do have a free 30-day permit you can use while you take care of that. You can apply for your 30-day resident parking permit online or by visiting the Traffic and Parking office at 133 Holland Street.
One-Year Parking Permits: Once your car is registered, you can apply for a parking permit (valid for up to one year) online or by visiting the Traffic and Parking office at 133 Holland Street. We also offer visitor parking permits, and other types of parking permits.
Street Sweeping: The City of Somerville has street sweeping from April 1 to December 31. Find out when your street is cleaned and sign up for reminder alerts on the City website.
Snow Emergencies: We’d rather not think about it right now, but snow emergencies are just around the corner. Be prepared by taking a look at Somerville’s snow policies, which includes information about where you can and cannot park during a snow emergency.

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Find your ward, precinct, elected officials, polling place and more with our address lookup tool.
Look for opportunities to vote on the Elections Calendar.

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It’s OK to be trashy on the right day:

Once you unpack, you’re going to have a lot of trash and recycling you’d like to get rid of. Find out which day your pickup is on (as well as several other useful pieces of information) by using our address lookup tool.
We don’t just collect trash and recycling. Find out about yard waste collection, household hazardous waste drop-off, Electronics recycling, and more at somervillema.gov/trash

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