Somerville Labor Coalition letter of Support Market Basket Employees



August 5, 2014

Dear Market Basket Employees,

The Somerville Labor Coalition unites six labor unions representing employees of the City of Somerville. We work to support, protect, promote and advance the interests of workers within the City of Somerville and surrounding communities.

Market Basket has provided Somerville
workers with good jobs in our community for decades. Now management is threatening to terminate striking workers and hire replacements. Market Basket non management workers have a legal right to engage in collective action in defense of their benefits and working conditions. Market Basket workers deserve a guarantee that their livelihoods will not be jeopardized by a change in management.

Somerville Labor Coalition supports all workers who stand up to make their workplaces better. The struggle by Market Basket workers to protect their jobs from the ravages of corporate greed is an inspiring example of what workers can achieve when they stick together.

We want Market Basket workers to know that the SLC stands behind you — as do our members and their families — as you continue this important fight for your beliefs and your futures.
Working Together to Provide Fair Labor for All

On behalf of the Somerville Labor

Co‐Chair Thomas Ross Somerville Firefighters

Co‐Chair Ed Halloran, Secretary Steven Ross and SLC Co‐Founding Member

Jim Roderick, SMEA

Treasurer Peter Blaikie, NCFO Local 3 School Custodians

SLC Co‐founding Member Mike McGrath Police Patrolmen

SLC Co‐Founding Member Terri Mederios 911 Operators of SEIU Local 888

SLC Co‐Founding Member Gerard Rymill, Police Superior Officers

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