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Regarding your article that you published: “Even in Somerville They Act Like a Taxi But Beware Are Most Not Insured Properly?”

We are not against Uber or other ride shares using an app for transportation.

What the industry is against is that there is no one to complain to, no one accountable. This all done by these ride shares facilitating people in passenger cars operating exactly as taxi drivers do, all without rules and regulations. We are also against third parties setting their own rates when we are required to abide by each city setting our rates. Ride shares surge price which is the same as price gauging during peak times, and inclement weather. They also do not service the elderly population and the under privileged. We have been and remain committed to serving both.

Also they perform their own criminal checks. If something happens in the cab industry there is accountability. The police step in and can take away a drivers license. The Better Business Bureau has numerous complaints against ride share drivers. No one even answers these complaints. It’s a public safety issue at the very least.

Prior article:

Even in Somerville They Act Like a Taxi But Beware Are Most Not Insured Properly?

The next time you call for that ride please make sure you do your research to protect you and your family against any potential dangers that could be lurking out there.
Always check with your local police department or city hall and ask the following questions: Are they properly insured? Are they regulated by the police department to help ensure your safety? Will I get ripped off?
CNN – Local
Texas insurance industry to Uber: Slow down
by Courtney Zubowski / KHOU 11 News I-Team khou.com
HOUSTON — It’s a transportation company that’s growing at record speeds, but some are saying slow down and put on the brakes because when it comes to insurance coverage you may not be safe.
“It does concern us,” said Mark Hanna with the Insurance Council of Texas as he spoke of Uber. “We have 20 different states looking at this and no one really has come up with a solution.”

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