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Mulrean Arrest

On April 26th, 2014, at approximately 2:10 a.m., I, Officer, assigned to marked cruiser 662 and patrolling the area of East 2, was dispatched along with (E3), to Beacon st. for a hit and run accident. Prior to our arrival dispatch notified both units that the vehicle responsible for the hit and run had parked inside the Whole Foods parking lot located at 45 Beacon st.

Upon arrival, I noticed two vehicles in from of Beacon st. with extensive damage. Upon entering the parking lot of the Whole Foods Officer and I noticed a Toyota Scion, MA reg, black in color, parked. The vehicle had extensive front end damage; the front bumper was completely off the vehicle and the passenger side mirror was off.

The driver was identified as Gabrielle Mulrean. When I approached the vehicle, Ms. Mulrean was in the driver’s seat, the vehicle was in park and the keys were in the ignition. When Ms. Mulrean rolled down the window of her vehicle, there was a distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage. I also observed that her eyes were glassy and her speech was slurred. I asked Ms. Mulrean to produce me her license, she searched her purse, pulled out several papers and documents and then finally gave me her license. I also asked Ms. Mulrean to produce her registration, after about a minute or so of searching and with the help of the passenger she was able to provide me with the registration of the vehicle.

I asked Ms. Mulrean where she was coming from and she stated that they were at Nightclub located on Hampshire st. When I asked Ms. Mulrean how many alcoholic beverages she consumed at the Nightclub she stated “two mixed drinks.

When I asked Ms. Mulrean how she had received the damage to the front of her vehicle she stated that the bumper had been coming apart all day long, but that it completely detached when she entered the Whole Foods Parking Lot. I also asked Ms. Mulrean if she was the vehicle that struck the two parked vehicles in front of 32 Beacon st. and she stated that “she does not remember if she did.”

At this point, the reporting party, came outside of his residence and explained to me what he saw and heard. He explained that he heard a crash, when he went to his window he observed a dark colored car, backing out of the two damaged vehicles parked in front of 32 Beacon st. He then observed this same vehicle drive approximately 50 feet into the Whole Foods parking lot and strike a bicycle rack located on the left side of the lot’s entrance. The vehicle then stayed parked in the lot until officers arrived on scene.

At this point, I asked Ms. Mulrean to step out of the vehicle and asked her if she would be willing to perform some Field Sobriety Tests, she stated “yes.” I asked her if she had any foot or leg injuries that would prevent her from conducting these tests and she stated “no.”

I also conducted the Walk and Turn test I gave Ms. Mulrean the necessary instructions to perform the test and she began. Ms. Mulrean kept losing her balance, did not stay within line, took 10 steps instead of 9, did not touch her feet from heel to toe, and turned improperly.

Based on the results of the previous field sobriety tests, I did not perform the One Leg Stand, because I was worried that Ms. Mulrean would lose her balance and fall. Based on these field sobriety tests I believed that Ms. Mulrean was under the influence of alcohol. I then placed Ms. Mulrean under arrest for OUI Liquor.

Ms. Mulrean’s vehicle as well as the other two vehicles, MA Registrations, were towed by Pats Towing due to their extensive damage. A crash report will also be filed.

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