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Raymond Arrest

On 07/05/2014 at approximately 10:40 AM, I, Officer Albert Gee assigned to West 7 along with Officer Derrick Dottin assigned to West 5 was dispatched to North St. for an
unwanted male. While heading to the above address we received an update that the male wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and has kicked the door open in the apartment. I had reason to believe the male was John Raymond because I responded to an unwanted call at that address 07/04/2014, the day before concerning him and his girlfriend, who wanted Mr. Raymond to leave her apartment and return the keys to her. Mr. Raymond complained that she had his cell phone and would not return it. I advised him to take a civil complaint for the value of the phone. Mr. Raymond returned 2 sets of keys to her, he was told he was not welcome to come back to the apartment and he left.

Upon arrival, I entered the apartment and I was greeted by the reporting party, who was crying and talking to Somerville Control on her cell phone and her 11 year old son was sitting on the couch. I asked her what happened and she said John Raymond kicked in her door and he said he wanted his Iphone back. I asked her if she or her son was hurt and she said no. She said her black Michael Kors purse was gone and it contained her keys to her Kia Optima. She believes that he may have taken her vehicle to flee the area.

Officer Dottin arrived and we asked her where Mr. Raymond was staying and she said his address is the next building but doesn’t know the apartment number. I contacted Somerville Control and found out what apartment it was. Officer Teves arrived and we were attempting to open the locked door to the apartment complex. Fortunately a resident of 34B was walking home and had a key to the outside door and she let us in. I asked Raymond’s mother if we can come in and talk to Mr. John Raymond and she agreed. Mrs. Raymond opened the door and called John to come and speak to us. We entered the apartment and saw Mr. John Raymond wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and we escorted him out of the apartment and placed him in hand cuffs.

Mr. Raymond asked why he was being arrested and I told him he was being accused by his ex girlfriend for breaking in to her apartment and stealing her purse. While Officer Dottin was in the apartment he observed a black Michael Kors purse in plain view on a couch in Mr. Raymonds apartment. I contacted the victim and asked her what her purse looked like and she said it was a black Michael Kors purse. Officer Dottin retrieved the purse and it contained her wallet, drivers license, passport, $370.00, 2 car keys, social security card, her sons passport and social security card. I asked Mr. Raymond what he was doing with her purse and he said he was holding it so she would return his Iphone.

I returned to the apartment and spoke to the victim to gather more information on the incident. She said Mr. Raymond was banging on her son window and demanded to come in or he will break the door down. He then banged on the front door and she looked out the peep hole and saw it was Mr. Raymond and saw he was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. She said he eventually kicked the door open and she grabbed her son and locked herself in her room. She said she opened the door a minute or two later when she didn’t hear any more noise from the living room and the police arrived shortly after and she noticed her black Michael Kors purse was missing.

I observed the front door and the door frame of the apartment. The door had two locks on it was both locks were broken. The dead bolt was broken off the frame and fell on the floor. The second lock was on the door and the screws were popped out and the metal was twisted.

Mr. Raymond was placed under arrest charged with B and E Daytime for a felony and placing a person in fear, Malicious destruction of property, and larceny over $250.00.

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