Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Anthony MEDEIROS (Shoplifting, B&E Misd., Larceny Under, Drug Poss E) LEGOLand

On January 19, 2019, at approximately 10:20 hours, I was dispatched to Legoland, for a report of a shoplifter who had fled the store. Upon arrival, I spoke with employees, who told me a male had filled a red shopping basket with Legoland merchandise, and run out of the store approximately 10 minutes prior to my arrival. A customer who had witnessed the male steal alerted Legoland employees, who then ran out the door and saw the suspect walking down the street with the filled basket.

As I was searching for the suspect, Somerville Police Dispatch put out another call for a suspicious male in the parking lot in front of Christmas Tree Shop. The male was reportedly wearing the same clothing items as my shoplifting suspect, and carrying a red shopping basket full of merchandise. The reporting party, XXXX, stated the male had entered a car she didn’t believe was his, and was now checking out other cars. As I searched the parking lot, I observed the suspect standing next to a white Nissan SUV, and he appeared to be looking inside the car. As I was pulling up to make contact with him, XXXX flagged me down and told me the male I was about to approach is the same individual she called about.

Officer Goulart and I stopped the suspect, identified as Anthony Medeiros, and took possession of the Legoland shopping basket filled with merchandise. Mr. Medeiros told us that he had left without paying, but that it was a mistake. He said he was trying to find his wife, who was somewhere near the parking lot we were in, and was trying to ask her if his son would like the merchandise inside the basket. It should be noted the distance from Legoland to where Mr. Medeiros was located is not very close, and the entire time we dealt with him, he was never approached by a female claiming to be his wife. Inside Mr. Medeiros’ winter jacket, I located 5 Converse t-shirts bunched up, with the tags still attached. The Converse store is almost directly across the street from Legoland, and is on the way to the parking lot where Mr. Medeiros was located. In addition, I located a white Marshalls bag with clothing, two women’s sunglasses cases with sunglasses inside, and a GPS and charger inside the red shopping basket.

While we were speaking with Mr. Medeiros, Officers Schneider and Soares arrived on scene. Officer Schneider went to speak with XXXX, who told him she had video footage of Mr. Medeiros inside a white Nissan sedan, MA xxxx, parked directly in front of her vehicle. Based on his actions, she did not believe he owned the vehicle, which is why she recorded him and immediately contacted police. Please see Officer Schneiders report for more information.

Officer Goulart read Mr. Medeiros his Miranda Rights from a card he keeps on his person, and Mr. Medeiros stated he understood his rights. When asked if he had a vehicle in the parking lot, and if he knew who the white Nissan sedan belonged to, Mr. Medeiros stated, “No.” He told me he “didn’t want to talk to the cops because it wasn’t going to help him,” and then became agitated, accusing us of “wanting to shoot black people,” telling us we called him a “junkie Nigger,” and stating he had 70 convictions on his criminal record and knew the process. It should be noted Mr. Medeiros did appear to be under the influence of a narcotic due to his mannerisms and his pupils being pinned; however, the only time I mentioned substances was when I asked him if he was under the influence of anything, or if he had any needles, knives, or sharp objects on him that could hurt us, and needles were located in his jacket pocket.
At this time, the owner of the white Nissan sedan, XXXX, returned to her vehicle. She told me her vehicle had been unlocked, and that she was missing a white Marshalls bag with clothing inside. XXXX positively identified the Marshalls bag, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and GPS/charger found on Mr. Medeiros as being hers and coming from her vehicle. She also stated that the contents of her vehicle had been moved about and rummaged through.

In total, Mr. Medeiros stole $282.96 worth of merchandise from Legoland, $79.99 worth of clothing from Converse, and multiple items from XXXX’s vehicle. On my way into the station to assist with booking, I learned he had attempted to steal from Nike at approximately 10:20 hours, and was caught removing sensors from clothing. As he was being trespassed from Nike, he told loss prevention that he was part of the Aryan Brotherhood. It should be noted Mr. Medeiros has an extremely lengthy criminal history, and has done multiple stints in jail for larceny and burglary related incidents. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Medeiros was wearing a court-ordered GPS monitoring bracelet. I advised him that he was now trespassed from Legoland and Converse.

Mr. Medeiros was placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Shoplifting by Asportation, and Larceny under $1,200. He was handcuffed (double-locked), and transported to the station for booking in the usual manner. Once at the station, Officers Cleary and Anaya located a baggie containing 4 white pills stuffed down in Mr. Medeiros’ sock. Based on my training and experience, I know these pills to be Xanax, and filed an additional charge of Possession of Drugs Class E.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece

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