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Stone Arrest

This is a summary of the events that took place on 06/09/2014, as they pertain to incident # 14018569.

I, Officer Joseph S. Teves, was working in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser East 4. At approximately 6:45 PM, I was dispatched along with marked cruiser East 1 ( Officer Henry Diaz ) to Meacham street for an alleged assault involving a large kitchen knife. Upon arriving on location I was met by the reporting party ). I will be referring to victim #1 from this point forward. I asked Victim #1 what had taken place that prompted him to seek police assistance. Victim # 1 informed me that he was one of the property managers for the apartment complex, and that he was in Apt # 2 performing scheduled maintenance for the tenant who resides there ( William Stone DOB: 04/13/1956 ). I will be referring to Mr. Stone as the defendant from this point forward. Victim # 1 went on to tell me how the defendant was complaining about the tenant that lives above him in Apt #4 ).

I knocked on Apt# 2 and was greeted by the defendant. I asked if I would be able to enter the residence so we could speak in private. The defendant agreed. I asked the defendant what was going on. The defendant immediately began to get angry and started to tell me about his neighbor who lives above him. The defendant then stated that she is never quiet, and that she is constantly having people over the house at all hours. I questioned the defendant about the claims that were made against him. The defendant stated that he never had a knife in his hand and that if he had made any threatening movements he was unarmed at the time. At this point marked cruiser West 5 ( Officer Devin Schnider ) and Lt. Carmine Vivolo arrived on location to assist. I continued to ask the defendant if he was sure about the details that he told me pertaining to the incident and he said yes. At this point I exited the apartment and left the defendant with Lt. Vivolo and Officer Schnider. I returned to Victim # 1 and reconfirmed what I was already told. At this point I returned to the apartment and was able to retrieve the knives that victim #1 described. Victim # 1 was able to confirm this upon seeing both knives. While I was in the process of doing this the defendant was read his Miranda rights by Officer Schnider ( In the presence of Lt. Vivolo . At this point I placed the defendant into custody. the defendant was transported back to the Somerville police station where he was afforded all of his rights and booked in the usual manner by Lt. Vivolo. on the following charges.


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