Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Juveniles Arrest

On the above date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, was assigned to patrol unit Sector East and driving marked cruiser184. I was on routine patrol traveling north on Walnut St., when I observed multiple individuals by
a bench within the Leathers park, a public park in the city of Somerville, in violation of City Ordinance 12-48 which states in part that parks and playgrounds shall be closed to the public daily between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. I turned left onto Pearl St. and then turned left on to Kilton Ave. to get closer to the area of the park where the group was gathered.

I exited the vehicle and approached the three males. As I approached, I observed one of the males, referred to as Juvenile 1 , reaching into a dark colored backpack in a fast and aggressive manner while staring at me as I greeted them. He then began to walk away from me as I got closer. I caught up to Juvenile 1 a few feet away from the bench at which time the other two individuals referred to as Juvenile 2 and an unidentified dark skinned male walked towards me. For my own safety, I directed all three individuals to sit on the bench as I was concerned about the contents of the backpack and the presence of multiple individuals.

I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Juvenile 1. He attempted to walk away again this time pushing into my left shoulder. I put my hand up and stopped his movement. I told them all again to sit on the bench which they did.

As Juvenile 1 sat down he continued to hold the backpack at the top as the bag which was not zippered closed. I instructed him to place the bag on the ground so I could see his hands, which were obstructed by the bag, but he refused. I then grabbed the backpack with my left hand. Juvenile 1 began to attack me yelling and punching me, hitting me in the arm and kicking at me, attempting to break my grip from the bag. He then stood up in an aggressive manner to further attack me. I pushed him back down onto the bench with my right hand which broke Juvenile 1’s grip from the bag as he continued to push and hit me with open and closed fists. I dropped the bag and grabbed hold of Juvenile 1’s arm to place him in handcuffs to stop his assaultive behavior. He continued to resist and fight me. I then brought him to the ground.

During this time, both Juvenile 2 and the unknown male stood up and began yelling in a loud and aggressive manner while stepping towards me. While I was on the ground attempting to handcuff Juvenile 1, Juvenile 2 approached me and pushed me attempting to prevent me from arresting Juvenile 1. I then pushed Juvenile 2 away. I directed my attention back to Juvenile 1 who was now on his feet. I then noticed Juvenile 2 pick up the backpack and, along with the unknown individual, start running in a westerly direction as Juvenile 1 began running east toward Gilman St.

I pursued Juvenile 1 on foot. I was able to catch up to him and after a brief struggle, I was able place him in handcuffs on Walnut St. He still continued to fight and resist after being placed in handcuffs.

Responding units were able to locate Juvenile 2 running east on Pearl St. Officer Kim who was assigned to area East-4 was able to subdue Juvenile 2, who still had Juvenile 1’s backpack in his possession.

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