More Police and Fire Personnel Needed Down at Assembly Square


By William Tauro

There will be over five thousand new tenants and mall personnel as well as about five thousand plus shoppers occupying the new development property on a daily basis down at Assembly Row that has just opened.

That number does not include the forty-five hundred plus employees that will occupy the new Partners Health Care towers that are being built behind the Home Depot as we speak and scheduled for completion by summer of 2015.

With a total of over ten thousand new occupants in that development, we would hope that the mayor, the police and the fire department are planning to beef up the patrols and hire some additional police and fire personnel to do the job!

While surveying the area for the past few weeks we notice that private security guards from the development were out on the roads directing traffic on the city owned streets of Assembly Square.

Another issue that will fall into play soon will be the issue of a “public safety boat” now that Somerville has a waterfront that’s finally in use.

According to our observances at the Somerville Police Station, we heard that 911 calls are sky rocketing and they are already answering calls down there.

The Development at Assembly Square is definitely a win, win situation for the city but in our opinion on a liability standpoint that this development having private security guards policing the area and directing traffic on city owned streets as we observed over the past few weeks is a disaster/lawsuit waiting to happen.

What’s your take take on this let us know by leaving your comments?



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