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Hujsak Arrest

On the above time and date, I was dispatched along with E3 to Summer St. for a report of family. Upon arrival at the residence, we proceeded to the
basement apartment and were met by the reporting party. Ofc. Costa engaged the victim in conversation and she stated her boyfriend Keith was in the residence “Destroying the place”. Myself and Ofc. Costa then proceeded into the residence and encountered Mr. Keith Hujsak the defendant in this case standing in the living room.

Initial observations made as we proceeded into the room revealed a bedroom door which had been broken and an overturned chair. As we entered into the living room, Mr. Hujsak immediately became confrontational stating ” What the Fuck are you doing in my house, I did not call you”. Ofc Costa attempted to calm Mr. Hujsak down in order to speak with him but Mr. Hujsak just continued to shout profanities. Observations made of Mr. Hujsak indicated that he was intoxicated and the smell of alcohol was evident as we attempted to speak with him. Upon arrival of S8 Ofc. Costa proceeded back outside to speak with the victim. Myself and Sgt. Tam remained in the living room with Mr. Hujsak who was now sitting on the couch. While attempting to create some dialogue with Mr. Hujsak he stood up with his arms in the air and began yelling ” Get the Fuck out of my house, I pay the Fucking rent here”. Mr. Hujsak then advanced towards me flailing his arms in a threatening manner. He proceeded to get within inches of my face yelling “Get the Fuck out”. I then grabbed Mr. Hujsak’s sweatshirt around the chest area and pushed him back onto the couch. Mr. Hujsak was at that time told to calm down and that we weren’t going anywhere until we figured out what was going on. Mr. Hujsak at that time remained sitting but continued his verbal tirade of his displeasure of our presence in his apartment.

Ofc. Costa then returned into the apartment and stated that Mr. Hujsak and the victim had been involved in a verbal argument. During that argument, Mr. Hujsak had destroyed the bedroom door and several other items within the apartment. At that time, Mr. Hujsak stated that he would leave and go stay at a hotel in order to avoid any further dispute. However, as we proceeded outside onto the sidewalk, Mr. Hujsak began yelling at the victim saying “See what you’re doing, 1200 first of the month you going to fucking pay it”. As the victim proceeded inside, Mr. Hujsak who had been advised several times to stop yelling continued his verbal assault towards her. Upon the victim entering the house, Mr. Hujsak then turned his attention towards us saying “Great Fucking job guys, outstanding work by Somerville’s finest.” Mr. Hujsak was placed under arrest.

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