Chief of Staff Janice Delory Leaves Mayor’s Office

It’s with regret, and also the highest and warmest regards, that I announce that Chief of Staff Janice Delory is
moving on to pursue other opportunities. Though she may not have been in the spotlight, the very visible results of Janice’s extraordinary contributions to my administration and to Somerville can be clearly seen throughout the City. She has been at my side since day one helping to make possible the last ten years of extraordinary growth, transformation and success for our community. I have only the highest respect for the years of policy development, expert management and dedication she has selflessly and tirelessly devoted to our City. She leaves both a most respected colleague and a good friend, whom I’m sure we will all miss. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with her.
Janice will carry on and continue to support the important work we have begun here via a new opportunity in academia, where she will continue to work closely with me on regionalization, cutting edge municipal management and government innovation. Just as important, she plans to remain a committed and involved member of the Somerville community and the City that is her home.
I am, however, pleased to announce that Director of SomerStat Daniel Hadley will assume the position of Chief of Staff and Budget Manager Skye Stewart will be our new Director of SomerStat. Omar Boukili will continue his successful work with the Board of Aldermen, the School Committee and our State delegation as the Mayor’s Aide while assuming new additional duties as the City’s liaison to our nonprofit and business community. Each has too many praises to sing in one short email, so for now, I simply ask you all to join me in congratulating them.
I have every faith that our new team will continue to build on the City’s accomplishments, accomplishments that Janice has played – and I hope will continue to play – such an important and meaningful role in.
Joe Curtatone

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