Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Mackenson arrest

On Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at approximately 12:17 AM, while on uniformed patrol in marked unit 667, I(Officer Patrick Canty), along with
660(Officer Hayes), was dispatched to Broadway for a reported assault and battery. Upon arrival, I was met by the victim. Victim immediately stated “he beat me up”, and pointed to her neck and shoulders. I could see visible red marks in that area, along with irritated skin. Victim said she then shook him to wake him up, to have him move, and he immediately started to attack her. She claimed that he jumped on top of her and was holding her down by her neck. She says at that point she started banging the walls and screaming for help. She also stated that he had never been physical with her before. He then claimed he was sleeping when Victim came home from work. Mr. Joseph stated he only put his hands on her to push her away from him in order to stop the attack.
I asked if they were a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend, to which they responded yes. I asked if he lived at the residence, victim stated he did, and Mr. Joseph stated he sleeps there sometimes. Mr. Joseph did keep a number of possessions in the house that led me to believe he stayed there often.

I then advised of their 209A rights.

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