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Andrew arrest

On February 23, 2014, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four. At approximately 1207 AM (0007 hours) I
was dispatched to the intersection of Temple Road, and Puritan Road, for the report of a motor vehicle accident. As I arrived on scene I saw no vehicles in the intersection. Officer Guillen informed me that there was a damaged vehicle parked just south of the intersection. As we approached the vehicle I observed a man talking on his cell phone. He was later identified as Mr. Andrew Pearson I asked Mr. Pearson if he saw what had happened and he stated no. He then stated that the damaged vehicle, a black 2010 Toyota Tacoma bearing MA REG was his vehicle. I observed the front end of Mr. Pearson’s vehicle to have extensive damage, the bumper was hanging off, the hood and grill appeared to be bent, and the passenger side of the front end was pushed in and partially torn off.

Mr. Pearson told us that someone had struck his car and had left the scene. I asked Mr. Pearson what the car looked like and he said that he didn’t know. Moments later he told me that he had too much to drink and shouldn’t be driving. He stated that he struck a snowbank while taking a left turn. The damage to the car appeared to be too extensive to have been caused by striking a snowbank, so Officer Guillen searched for any vehicles nearby that may have been involved in an accident with Mr. Pearson with negative results.

Due to the statements that Mr. Pearson made I asked Mr. Pearson to perform several field sobriety tests.
The first test was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus.

The next test was the nine step walk and turn. Mr. Pearson was allowed to perform this test twice. In the first test Mr. Pearson failed to walk heel to toe at times, turned incorrectly, and finished the test with more than nine steps. In the second test, Mr. Pearson exhibited the same failures.

The final test was the one leg stand.Mr. Pearson began the test, and began counting out loud too fast. I allowed him to perform the test again and reminded him to slow down his count. He was unable to keep his balance and was unable to complete the test.

I then escorted Mr .Pearson to his motor vehicle to aid him in finding his ID. He had trouble finding his car keys at first and thought that I had taken them. He eventually found his keys, but was unable to find his ID. While standing near the passenger side of his vehicle Mr. Pearson tripped over a snowbank. When I got close to Mr. Pearson I was able to detect an odor consistent with that of an alcoholic beverage.I placed Mr. Pearson under arrest for operating under the influence of liquor.

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