What Does: Bob Kraft Mayor Joseph Curtatone & Assembly Square Have in Common? A World Class Soccer Stadium!

By William Tauro

That’s right, according to sources, the word on the streets is that Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone is negotiating

a deal with New England Revolution Soccer team owner Bob Kraft to bring a World Class Soccer experience to Somerville via a brand new state-of-the-art soccer stadium!

The plans are said to include that the soccer stadium would be built right here in Somerville at Assembly Square behind the existing Home Depot.

The easy on and off access to Rt 93 and the new incoming Orange Line being constructed at Assembly Square are the key ingredients to make this dream a reality.

According to sources, the mayor is still considering the city’s options to go forward with the idea.

Sources also tell us that a major announcement regarding the new soccer stadium is expected to be announced to the public within a few weeks.

Curtatone in a 2007 Somerville News interview with reporter Andrea Gregory at the time confirmed that he “did discuss the possibility with members of The Kraft Group, owner of the Patriots and New England Revolution, over the possibility of creating a new home field for the soccer team.
Several locations in multiple municipalities are believed to be under consideration. However, the sheer possibility of a major league sports arena coming to the area is exciting.”
“We are pretty excited,” said Curtatone.
Curtatone said even the preliminary inquiry from the Kraft Group shows Somerville has a lot to offer. Curtatone said he is not surprised that Somerville in on the list of possible locals for the areas next soccer stadium.
“We have incredible transit coming to our city. We are interested in marketing Somerville as a great place to work, live and play,” said Curtatone. “I think it just continues to contribute to the positive image of the city.”

Robert Kraft is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group, based in Foxborough, Mass. The Kraft Group is the holding company of the Kraft family’s many businesses, with interests concentrated in six areas: manufacturing of paper and packaging, international distribution of forest products, sports and entertainment, real estate development, private equity investing and philanthropy.

Kraft is widely recognized as one of the most successful owners in professional sports. As Investor/Operator of the New England Revolution (Major League Soccer) and Chairman and CEO of the New England Patriots (National Football League), Kraft has helped change the culture of professional sports in New England by delivering a combined 10 conference titles and three league championships in the past 16 years. In addition to building two championship-driven franchises, Kraft has committed the resources necessary to create a world-class sports and entertainment complex with his privately-financed construction of Gillette Stadium, as well as the development of Patriot Place.

Kraft’s long-standing support of soccer in the United States dates back to his efforts in the early 1990s to secure Foxborough as one of the nine host venues for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The success of the 1994 World Cup ushered in a new era in New England sports and on June 6, 1995, the Kraft family became the founding Investor/Operator of the Revolution, joining Major League Soccer for its inaugural season in 1996. Since then, the Krafts have hosted the MLS Cup championship game in Foxborough three times, including the 2002 final between the Revolution and the Los Angeles Galaxy, which was played in front of the largest crowd in MLS Cup history (61,316).

The United States’ Men’s and Women’s National soccer teams have also enjoyed tremendous support from the Kraft family and soccer fans throughout New England. In 2011, a crowd of 64,121 fans – a Men’s National Team record in New England – were in the Gillette Stadium stands as the U.S. faced defending FIFA World Cup champion Spain.

Since 1990, Foxborough has hosted 30 international matches involving U.S. teams at Foxboro Stadium (1990-2001) and Gillette Stadium (2002-present). The U.S. teams have enjoyed remarkable success in those games, compiling a combined record of 22-2-6. In addition to hosting games in the 1994 Men’s World Cup, Foxborough was a host city for both the 1999 Women’s World Cup and the 2003 Women’s World Cup. In 1999, more than 50,000 fans watched the U.S. women defeat North Korea, 3-0, in the Women’s World Cup.

Kraft is a lifelong New England sports fan who began attending Boston Patriots games during their infancy in the 1960s. When the franchise moved to Foxborough in 1971, he purchased season tickets for his family, an account he maintained for the next 23 years before purchasing the team in 1994.

The Kraft family has built the Patriots into one of professional sports’ model organizations. Since purchasing the team in 1994, the Patriots have won more games (212), including more playoff games (19), more conference championships (6) and more Super Bowls (3) than any other team in the NFL. The Patriots also own two records for the longest consecutive win streaks in NFL history with 21 straight victories (including playoff games) and 10 straight playoff wins. Since 2001, the Patriots’ .761 regular season winning percentage is not just the highest in the NFL, but is the highest among any team in the five largest professional sports leagues in the U.S. (including MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL).

Kraft began his business career with the Rand-Whitney Group, Inc. of Worcester, Mass., a company that converted paper into packaging for various industries. He later acquired the company. In 1972, he founded International Forest Products, a trader of paper commodities that now does business in more than 90 countries. Together, Rand-Whitney and International Forest Products comprise one of the largest privately-owned paper and packaging companies in the United States. The Kraft Group’s holdings include the Rand-Whitney Group, Rand-Whitney Containerboard, International Forest Products, the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution, Gillette Stadium, Patriot Place and a portfolio of more than 30 private equity investments.

A native of Brookline, Mass., Kraft attended public schools before matriculating to Columbia on an academic scholarship. Upon graduation, he received a fellowship to Harvard Business School, where he earned a master’s degree in business administration.

Kraft serves on the board of directors for Viacom. He is also on the executive committee of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where he established the Robert K. Kraft Family Blood Donor Center. He is a trustee emeritus atColumbia and is a trustee of Boston College. He has also received honorary degrees from several colleges and universities. The Theodore Roosevelt Award, which is presented annually to a distinguished citizen of national reputation with outstanding accomplishments, and his induction into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences are among two of the many esteemed honors and awards that he has received.

Over the past four decades, the Kraft family has been one of New England’s most philanthropic families, donating over $100 million dollars in support of local charities and civic affairs. The Krafts recently pledged $20 million to Partners HealthCare to launch the Kraft Family National Center for Leadership and Training in Community Health, an initiative designed to improve access to quality healthcare at community health centers throughout New England. In Foxborough, a $1 million donation by the Krafts helped fund the Kraft Family Center at the local branch of the YMCA, which was part of an expansion project that tripled the size of the center.

So what’s you take on the idea of a new soccer stadium being built here in Somerville? Post your comments here on The Somerville News Weekly for the world to see!

Wow, we just noticed it, is that why they call it “Revolution Dr” as like in the “NE Revolution Soccer Team?”

22 thoughts on “What Does: Bob Kraft Mayor Joseph Curtatone & Assembly Square Have in Common? A World Class Soccer Stadium!”

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  2. has there been any update to this story? I know they are looking for uses for the 73 acres not being developed by Federal reality. would like to here an update from the author.

  3. Love hoe the mayor is against a casino in everett because of all the traffic it will cause but wants to put a soccer stadium in….no that wont cause any traffic jams during game days.

    1. Um, ya. 18 game days as opposed to 365 casino days. But thanks for your obtuse distortion. Fail.

  4. Is this being reported by multiple sources?

    Are these sources within the mayor’s office, the Kraft organization, somewhere else?

  5. This is exciting news. William Tauro do you have a twitter account where Revs fans could communicate with you? These updates seem to come every year, but first time we’ve had an indication of something being imminent.

  6. I hate to say this but the above article – at least the claims in it – are the same ones having been made for years by the Kraft Sports Group; its a case of “second verse, same as the first.” Rumors of a soccer specific stadium (sss) make the rounds a few times a year, coincidentally right around the time team is trying to sell season tickets, or at present, single game tickets. Quite frankly the Krafts and the club enjoy almost zero credibility at this point when it comes to rumors or ‘talk’ of a new stadium and there’s no independent way to confirm they have spent millions of dollars to this point in pursuing a location for one. Whereas other clubs in MLS have been more transparent and engaging with supporters with respect to their own stadium efforts the Krafts and the Revolution chose instead to keep things close to their chest.

    As for a major announcement in coming weeks? I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it and chances are a good number of dedicated, longtime supporters don’t buy it either.

    like the same old song and dance Mayor Curtatone and

  7. Isnt’ that ex-IKEA land behind Home Depot already spoken for, by the new Partners Healthcare office building?

  8. Wow, you just noticed it and you are from Somerville? I live on the South Shore and I’ve know of Revolution Drive, Somerville, for quite sometime.

    Is this a real announcement or more empty talk from KSG, which also doubles as a promo for KSG.

    Truth is Kraft is all about the Pats and treats his own child, the Revolution, like a stepchild when the other teams in MLS have passionate owners and exciting organizations. The Revs aren’t even allowed to sit at the KSG table. They remain underneath subsisting on the occasional table scraps. Their win loss record in their history isn’t something that Kraft would tolerate for the Pats and he is by far the lowest paying owner in terms of player salaries.

  9. I’ve heard rumors of this for a while now, has something new been developing recently? Not sure. Regardless, as a Medford resident not far from Assembly Sq, youth soccer coach and Board member and friend of Somerville I fully support this. Aside from my deep soccer bias, there is a lot of shops and residential construction happening in the area, it would be great to build a stadium there to give even more of a reason to be visit.

  10. Where would the new Partners complex be built if there is also a stadium. Revolution road has been there since well before any construction at assembly row. I’ve heard all of this before, I wish I knew if it were true!

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