Real Life Somerville Police Stories

cardoso arrest

Upon my arrival, I observed a black BMW at the entrance of the Holiday Inn that had struck the brick barrier and knocked it into a parked car, causing damage to the parked vehicle.
Employees from the Holiday Inn came outside, and said the person from the black BMW was inside the lobby. I asked for a second unit and Officer Manzelli and Officer Soares responded to my location.

I ran the plate to the black BMW, and it was registered to a Gustavo Cardoso , out of Paris St. in East Boston. I entered the lobby of the Holiday Inn and the male owner, Gustavo Cardoso was in the Lobby already speaking to Officer Soares and Manzelli.

I spoke to Mr. Cardoso and asked him four times what had happen with his vehicle and he just kept saying he works 14 hours and never answered my question. There was an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Mr. Cardoso’s mouth. His eyes were blood shot, he was unsteady on his feet, and his speech was slurred. I asked Mr. Cardoso where he was coming from and he stated “Somerville to Everett.” I then asked Mr. Cardoso if he had been drinking and he stated “I drank.”

I asked Mr.Cardoso if he would perform field sobriety tests inside the lobby of the Holiday Inn and he agreed too. Mr. Cardoso failed the tests. Mr. Cardoso was then placed under arrest for OUI liquor. Cardoso was transported to the Somerville Police department

Once at the station I conducted the field sobriety tests at the booking window, that is video and audio recorded. Mr. Cardoso failed these tests too.

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